March 19, 2012

"It's still all about the clothes" - Elle Collections SS12

While predominately a beauty blog, we here at Viva Adonis like to branch regularly into the lifestyle spectrum. Celebrities, books, fashion and music, we don't discriminate. Fashion is my particular raison d'être though and, while I don't live a lifestyle (or earn a living) that allows me to work Mugler, Hardy, Karl and Tom (Thierry, Tom, Lagerfeld and Ford, respectively) on a daily basis, I can still appreciate, desire and inhale the fashion world and make the odd investment purchase along the way. 

Never have I ever been a magazine person. I think that they are extortionately priced and, though I do make an exception and fork out for the Elle Collections tome each season, I am a by-product of the new media world and, so, my fashion fix comes from the online sphere, namely fashion blogs. 

If you, like me, crave to be in the Frow at least once, don't scorn at the increasingly ridiculous McQueen designs but, conversely, appreciate their artistic integrity, and love to monitor the emergence of new blood, new talent, then I urge you to check out some of the blogs below. 

Some of these you may already know, as they are almost more famed than the Anna's, Franca's and Carine's of the fashion world but, some are the underdogs, the unknown names and faces behind the mammoth DSLRs. 

Each and every one of these bloggers is something to behold. From their own unique expressions of style to the way in which they provide fresh and unaffected commentary about the world around them, these bloggers are the future of fashion. Forget Anna and the rest, these people are real. They are normal. They are genuinely just like us only, y'know, infinitely more stylish!!

I hope you enjoy some of these blogs as much as I do and, if you have any suggestions for other style blogs, please leave them in the comments below.


  1. Nice post, great to see some blog recommendations!

  2. the sartorialist is amazing i love it :) they have a great ipod app too!!! great post!! x

  3. That's a beautiful jewelery box!

    1. Thank you! It's from Newbridge Silverwear, an Irish brand!


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