March 24, 2012

I Bought Some Brushes...

Some of you will know that I headed to the beauty show in the RDS the other week, accompanied by my mam and a shopping list the length of my arm. Mother wasn't so keen on the beauty haulin' side of things, and took one look at the crowds at the Crown Brush stand and headed for the café. I was left to shop alone, which was a tad dangerous but also easier due to the crowds! 

Crown Brush had been top of my list, as I bought a few of their brushes last year and really loved them. They are fantastic quality, last really well and I use them just as much as my MAC and Sigma brushes. I love their version of the 217 as it's slightly more pointed - great for creating a slightly winged out eyeshadow look. Having used these brushes a good few times now, I'm able to give you guys my opinion on them and how good they are.


Starting from the top, I got a small duo-fibre brush that looked very like the MAC 188. I actually prefer Inglot's duo-fibre brushes to MAC, so wasn't about to splash out on the 188, but was still in the market for a brush of its type. This is the C404, which was a bargain in comparison to Inglot and MAC at €9.13. All of these brushes are available on the Crown website which lists prices in euro - always a plus!
I've been loving this brush for cream blush as it's the perfect size and buffs the product right into the skin. I've tried it for foundation too, I liked it but got a bit impatient as it's so small!

Next up, I got a really cool duo foundation and concealer brush - the AC011, for €12.49. I actually didn't notice the concealer brush at the other end until I got home, as much as I like it, I still find these brushes kind of annoying as I can't store them standing up in vases as I do with the rest of my brushes.
Nevertheless, this is such a nice brush! It's really dense and applies foundation perfectly. I'm still figuring out the concealer end, as I always use my ring finger for undereye concealer. I'm also going to try using the foundation end for contouring with liquid products...I do love an experiment!

Another duo-fibre brush really piqued my interest at the show, as it instantly reminded me of the limited-edition MAC 286 that Sinéad had been raving about! Now, it's definitely not as firm, tapered or dense as the 286, but at €6.19, the C429 was well worth a punt. I've been using it in the crease for eyeshadow, and also to apply a subtle highlight to my brow bone. I didn't love it for concealer. but again, I think that may be because I am just so used to using my fingers.

Now, on to the rest of the bunch. I also got two tapered blending brushes, the C412 (€6.19) and some other one that I can't for the life of me find on the site! They are both fantastic and a welcome addition to my collection. I'm making it my mission to perfect the cut-crease look with these two in my arsenal.

Finally (congratulations if you are still reading this, by the way), I also picked up a large fluffy brush, the C209 (€3.60), and also another tiny skinny eyeliner brush which I can't find on the site either! I have a few of both these brushes, as they are both something that I use daily, thus saving me on washing 'em all the bloody time!

So, that's it! It was definitely a bit of a splurge, but all of the brushes were competitively priced, and I've managed to bulk out my collection quite a bit. Are you a fan of Crown brushes? Let me know what other ones I should look out for at the next beauty show!


  1. I saw crown brush at the IMATS but completely forgot about it. I really want to try some of their brushes (even though I have enough!) Really want to buy more brushes after seeing this! x x

  2. I'm a big fan of Crown brushes, too! They really are fantastic quality considering they're so reasonably priced. I'm really liking the look of the duo foundation and concealer brush, and also the C429. Will be checking both of those out, I think. Thanks for the reviews! :)

  3. I bought crown brushes at IMATS in Feb and thought they where amazing but after the second wash I find the hairs are falling out alot on two of the brushes I bought. I do like the look of the C429 though!


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