March 16, 2012

Amsterdam for the Weekend

The only thing better than it being Friday is it being Friday and knowing that you're going away the next day! Kev and I are going to Amsterdam tomorrow for the long weekend and I'm so excited as (a) I've never been to Amsterdam before and (b) it's my birthday on Sunday so, I'll, no doubt, have a memorable 22nd!

While my mind is mainly filled with thoughts of Anne Frank's house, leaning buildings along winding canals and traditional Dutch pancakes, it's also slightly apprehensive as this will be the first time I have gone properly away with solely hand-luggage!

I've had to scale down my make-up and clothes big-time so as not to overpack and also to leave room in case I make a sneaky birthday purchase along the way! I wanted to bring make-up that didn't require much in the way of brushes. I think in total I will only be bringing two; the MAC 182 and the Sigma P80! Here's my pared down toiletries and make-up that fit, quite neatly if I do say so myself, into my clear Zip-loc Baggie!



MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy

Burt's Bees Lip Balm
MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam Nicki

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Eye Make-Up Remover 
Dr Bronner's Magic Soap
Weleda Skin Food

And that's it! Quite condensed if I do say so myself! With any luck, I'll be doing some amazing eating and sightseeing when in Amsterdam so, be sure to follow our food and travel blog here for all kinds of pretty, picture-heavy posts!


  1. Have a fab weekend, and a lovely birthday Sinead!

  2. Oh have a lovely time :) V Jeal x

  3. That's some really well thought out, pared down cosmetics packing! I hate packing for this reason, as I'm so indecisive I want to bring everything with me! Amsterdam is gorgeous, I hope you have a wonderful birthday weekend. Best wishes! x

    1. I usually am too! If you like at any of my previous travel make-up posts this is insanely unlike me! Thanks, have heard such good things about Amsterdam, can't wait! x

  4. Hope you have a blast! Went there for a long weekend with my bf after my 21st and we had a great time! Happy birthday! X

  5. Have a great birthday! Have seen those Dr Bronners soaps mentioned on the internet and saw they're stocked in American Apparel on Thurs are they any use?


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