February 24, 2012

Sigma Sigmax Synthetic Precision Kit: An Overview

I guess it's true what they say, that when it rains, it pours and this would be my second make-up brush post is as many days. Oh well! 

I mentioned in my recent "Current Favourites" post that I was loving the Sigma Sigmax Synthetic Precision Kit but, with so many other products to discuss, I didn't want to bore you with too many details. Also, if I'm honest, this brush kit really does deserve its own post. It's just that good!

To recap, I ordered these four brushes as part of the full Sigmax Synthetic Essential set off Cloud 10 Beauty and split the cost with my sister who wanted the Kabuki kit. For €50, including next day delivery, I got four top-quality brushes. Happy out!

The four brushes I got are the Precision Round P82, the Precision Angled P84, the Precision Tapered P86 and the Precision Flat P80. I thought I'd give you a close-up of each of the brushes and briefly describe how I'm using them currently. As an aside, it bothers me no end that, in the picture below, the brushes aren't in numerical order. I know, I know; wierdo!

Precision Flat P80: This is probably the least usable of the four brushes for me. It is basically a teeny tiny F80 foundation brush and it is far too small to cover my entire face, despite the flawless finish it gives. I have been using it to apply foundation to smaller areas that need extra coverage (blemishes, around my nose etc.) and it's brilliant for that but, I can't help but wonder if there is an even better use for it! Let me know in the comments what you'd use the P80 for!

Precision Round P82: Ahh probably my favourite brush of the lot. The gently rounded P82 is an absolute wonder at applying and blending concealer to a flawless, undetectable finish. I have recently started using the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer which I spoke about in more detail here and, coupled with this brush, my skin has never looked better and I have never felt as confident in its appearance.

Precision Angled P84: I absolutely love the shape and density of this brush. It's rare to find an angled brush that is so full and thick and, yet densely packed as opposed to fluffy. These attributes make it a perfect choice for spot contouring as it fits neatly down the bridge of the nose, into the crease of the chin and even into the eye socket for a natural-looking shading.

Precision Tapered P86: As always, where there is contouring there must be highlighting and the P86 is the perfect brush for the latter. Long, tapered and dense, I have used the pointed P86 with both cream and powder products with equally good results. What I like most about this brush is that there is no risk of looking like a human disco ball but, rather, it gives a light, subtle sheen only to the areas where you apply it.

These brushes are described as being the "Precision Kit" and they really are just that. Each one has it's uses for spot work; spot-concealing, spot-foundation-ing, spot highlighting and spot-contouring, work that bigger brush heads just couldn't carry out. The results are impeccable and, especially in terms of the P82, have revolutionised some of the steps in my make-up routine. If you relish a good make-up brush, you'll absolutely adore this kit.


  1. ive been dying to have those but am really trying to keep the budget tight for swaps and cam gear

  2. I use the P80 for stippling concealer on the face xx

    1. Oooh that's a good idea...shall try that out! x

  3. the P80 would be a cream blush brush for me id say! id love this kit if the 86 and 80 were large! must take a trip over to cloud ten! great postie S! x

    1. It's a bit small for cream the size of the tip of your finger! You can get all these brushes in large size in the Synthetic Kabuki kit! It's next on my list! Thank doll x

  4. ooohhh brush lust! I love me a good brush..or 2...or many :)

  5. I have these brushes too but am still in process of finding more specific needs for them...i do love though!

  6. does anyone know where i can buy sigma products here in utrecht or amsterdam netherlands...


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