February 05, 2012

Review: Barbara Daly Concealer

I enjoy a good concealer. I feel bad moaning about the absolute hack of my skin when loads of you have actually been complimenting me on it, but I swear, it is crap (more on that soon!). So, as a pock-faced individual, a decent concealer in an essential weapon in my beauty arsenal. I've reviewed the super-popular Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer before, and MAC Studio Finish is another firm favourite of mine.

Because I go through them so quickly, I can't really justify buying super-expensive concealers. MAC Studio Finish is the exeption to the rule as I've had it for about ten months and it's still going strong. It is a great concealer, but a little too stiff for my liking, so I had been on the look-out for something a lot more malleable and creamy. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is still on my wish list, but when I heard good things about this super-cheap alternative, I had to give it a go first. 

This concealer is super-creamy and emollient, the shade (Fair) is perfect for me, and it covers pretty much everything - blemishes, redness, scarring, large pores, etc. Suffice to say I love it, and it's now a staple item.  At about €6, I can afford to use it daily and replace it regularly - yay!

This concealer comes in a pretty good variety of shades, but the problem is that Barbara Daly stands in Tesco (much like Sleek in the UK - another bugbear of ours) always seem to be really poorly stocked. If you see your colour, I'd advise you to grab it, and it won't set you back a whole lot. I'll be grabbing more than one next time they have my shade in!


  1. oooh this peaks my interest! nearly out of my concealer...must pick it up next time i'm in Tesco's. Thanks :)

  2. Oh I may have to pick this up the next time I'm in Tesco! I do feel the Barbara Daly range can be a bit hit and miss though xx


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