February 23, 2012

MAC and Giorgio Armani Newbies

I actually acquired these two beauties a few weeks back, but am only getting around to showing you guys now. I'm kind of glad that I waited, because now I can fully rave about how much I love 'em. Lipstick is obviously a substanstial addiction of mine, but now I'm also developing a bit of a highlighter fetish (anyone else drooling over Guerlain Cruel Gardenia?!).

The lipstick I bought was a bit of an impulse purchase back in January when I went makeup shopping with a few other bloggers (a dangerous activity), but I don't regret buying it, not one little bit. As soon as I clapped eyes on this (super-retouched) visual of Megan Fox wearing it, I knew that it had to be mine.

See? Very airbrushed, but I love the look and will be trying to recreate that grey smokey eye ASAP! On to the actual lipstick, this is a seriously pigmented, slightly blue-toned red. The bullet would lead you to think that this is a matte, but it actually swatches semi-glossy. The formula is just gorgeous. MAC lipsticks are my favourite, but the formula of this is just as good, and the packaging is gorgeous; heavy, black and glossy, with an 'expensive-sounding' magnetic click!

Below is the lipstick on me: look how pigmented! I love it. Next on the list is Plum 600, it looks like such a gorgeous and unique shade. However, since this photo was taken I've had my hair done and now half of it is bright red, which I fear will limit my lipstick choices for the forseeable future...a definite first world problem.

Next is another product that I really didn't think I would buy. I've never really bought into the whole MSF craze, as they are so big and expensive, you really don't need like ten of 'em! However, when I had a look at the Naturally collection (in store now) I was really taken by Blonde. It's such a pretty pink highlight which can also double as a pale pink blush. It's unlike anything else that I own, and I've been using it every day since I got it! Cue a copious amount of pictures:


So there you have it! What do you make of these two?


  1. Wowza on both counts! I realised yesterday that it's been just over a week since I placed a new makeup ban on myself! I'm having serious withdrawals! :( On top of that Megan Fox (retouched or not) could sell sand to the Egyptians! Impossible to resist! :)

  2. I have read so many posts on the MSF's from the Naturally collection, and I am seriously itchy to check them out - I think I'll be dropping by MAC tomorrow. That lipstick is also just beautiful on you. If I ever had to pick a red lippie that I thought would sum you up, it'd be this one. I'd love to find a stockist for the Giorgio Armani makeup, I'd love to have a play with it.

    Steph xx


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