February 03, 2012

Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid

I've been after a Lanolips lip treatment for a long while now. It's not readily available in Ireland and whenever I have come across (Boots, Jervis St definitely carries it!) it it's been close to €20.

I ended up getting my mitts on the brand's Lemonaid Lip Aid during my trip to London before Christmas for around £10 and have been meaning to review it ever since.

I could cut this review short right here by just saying that it's worth every bit of the hype that has circulated it in recent months in the blogosphere. It truly is a gem of a product.

However, I couldn't leave you hanging like that so, here is a bit more info; Lanolips is a lip treatment that contains sheeps lanolin, one of the most moisturising natural ingredients out there. It is really, really thick and takes ages to soak into your lips but, boy, once it does, any gripes of chapped and sore lips will be long forgotten!

It's currently available in a variety of styles and for a number of purposes. As well as 70% lanolin, Lemonaid contains lemon oil which acts as a natural exfoliator on dry, dead skin and leave lips flake-free and moisturised.

My one and only issue with this is how bloody difficult it is to squeeze out of the tube! The thick consistency of the balm was clearly not taken into account when the packaging was being designed and the orifice (tee hee!) is too small to easily get at the product.

However, it's only a minor gripe and one I can overlook due to how effective the product is overall. I also really love the glossy, slightly shimmery finish it leaves on the lips which makes it perfect for wearing during the day and to work.


  1. This is an interesting one. Lanolin is so moisturising but has such a bad rep as an allergen, which it isn't really. I was v excited when I started reading this review, lanolin would be so much better than usual balms but the lemon oil in it totally put me off. Is there a version without do you know?

    1. Yep, there are a number of different varieties! I just wanted the exfoliation provided by the lemon oil (and the taste if I'm honest!) x

  2. I love Lanolips. Pretty pricey but worth it... Hehe, true, it's just hard To squeeze out. I'm using the original but I'll try the lemonaid in the future too. :)


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