February 14, 2012

Jimmy Choo EDP

I've always loved perfume but have never been much of a hoarder or collector of the stuff. I think this is because I tend to use it up pretty fast, and also because it's bloody expensive. I've been trying to build up my collection a bit more of late after becoming insanely jealous of other people's 'fragrance wardrobe'. 

On my list is Chanel Chance (again), as well as Chance Eau Fraiche and Tendre, Coco Mademoiselle, Prada Amber, Guerlain Shalimar, and YSL Parisienne. I could go on, but I won't! A great site for browsing perfumes and discovering new ones that you might like is Fragrantica

I'm a total novice at top, base and middle notes and all that jazz, but I know what I like, and that is usually a fairly strong, warm, heady scent. From browsing the site, I seem to be a fan of sandalwood, amber, patchouli and vanilla, as well as some woody and citrus notes. I found it really useful for noting perfumes that I might like, so I can just give those ones a sniff next time I'm in a beauty hall, rather than dousing myself in everything in sight like I usually do! 

On a side note, isn't it so weird how a scent can instantly bring you back? Our good friend Karen has a great post on that subject here, which I was reminded of yesterday when I was in Boots. I took a squirt of CKIn2U, an old favourite of mine. Instantly I was reminded of when I first met my ex-boyfriend, and, to be frank, felt a bit sick. I'll never be buying that one again, anyways - shame because it was half price! Just my luck.

So, enough rambling, on to the actual perfume in question. As soon as the inaugural Jimmy Choo fragrance was released last year, I was interested. I'm not one for overly floral, sweet or fruity perfumes, and when I read online that this was a 'grown-up' floral, I knew it would most likely suit me. The packaging is also gorgeous and looks really cute on my shelf, which is always a plus!

If you look at what people on Fragrantica say about this scent (in case you couldn't already tell, I've become fairly obsessed with the site), a lot seem to be of the opinion that this is a very nice perfume, but could have been a little better and wasn't quite up to the standards of Jimmy Choo. I'm not about to own a pair of his shoes any time soon, but the fragrance itself does me just fine and makes me very happy. It's definitely fruity - my nose gets a lot of pear and vanilla when I spray it first, and then it settles into something a bit deeper. I love it, and it wasn't too bad at €44 for 40ml. I picked it up with Christmas money, but you could always splurge if you have some extra Boots Advantage Card points to spare!

Are you a fan of this scent - and if not, what's your favourite perfume?


  1. Ah fanks for the shout out missus, I must give this one a go myself, have decided that if I go to NY this year, I'll be buying everything in rollerball size so I can try lots of scents :)

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