February 18, 2012

Mars Bar Krispies

I'm quite lucky in that, not only do I love to bake myself but, Kev's mam is an amazing baker (and cook in general) and so, there is never any shortage of sweet treats around these parts! His uncle is also a professional baker with a really old-school, traditional bakery; think cream slices, fatless sponge cakes and fluffy soda bread.

With such an abundance of homemade goods around me, it's rare that I ever buy desserts. However, there are three main exceptions; Marks & Spencer's cookies, Ladurée macarons and rice krispie squares. The best chocolate rice krispie squares come either from Avoca or a bakery/deli here in Clontarf called Butler's Pantry. They are the most delicious, satisfying treat and I buy them when I want instant gratification and can't bear to take the time to make my own!

This particular recipe is actually adapted from one of the Avoca cookbooks. However, I use a lot more chocolate on top than they recommend so, you can either use the same amount as me for a good, thick layer or substitute it with around 250g for a thinner layer. The choice is yours!

See the rest of this recipe here!


  1. These look DELICIOUS!

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  2. I make these as well, I put Dairy Milk chocolate on top instead of cooking chocolate and I use Supervalu imitation Mars Bars because I think they melt better! So delish, I'm hungry now!

    1. Yeah in the full recipe I explain that I used Dairy Milk too! And Tesco brand Mars Bars! Wouldn't mind some now! x


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