February 11, 2012

Essence Choose Me

I just had a quick glance around my room before I started typing this, and the amount of nail polish lying around the place is, well, shocking. It takes up space on my shelves, desk, bathroom counter and, er, the floor, and I've also got more stockpiled in two boxes. Shameful....NOT! I am obsessed and proud. Doing my nails never fails to relax me and cheer me up if I'm feeling crap, and I love having an endless array of shades to choose from.

I've started a new 'project' in order to curtail my addiction - I've been trying to only buy super-cheap nail polishes. Essence polishes are perfect in this case, they're only €1.29 and are really decent quality with a fantastic, easy-to-use brush.

On to the colour itself - Choose Me is a gorgeous sparkly greeny-turquoise that reminds me of The Little Mermaid's tail...I had an Ariel doll when I was about six, and her tail was this exact shade! Now I have 'Under the Sea' in my head...great. This polish is also a perfect dupe for OPI's Catch Me In Your Net, which you can see here.

So overall, a deadly cheap fix that has me thinking of mermaids, Sebastian the lobster and tropical islands on this ghastly grey day - go and get it if you need a pick-me-up!


  1. this colour really reminds me of 'swimsuit' from the miss universe OPI collection which was amazingballs. I think I might try this essence one now :3


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