February 10, 2012

Clean & Clear Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel

I can't believe I have never posted about this product before. I suppose it's just been in my skincare repertoire for such a long time that it didn't even occur to me that you might be interested in it!

Clean & Clear Advantage Quick Clear Spot Treatment Gel is the absolute ultimate zit-zapper, spot-shrinker, blemish-buster, whatever you want to call it!

I think it was my sister Ciara who first brought this into the house and I used to use hers whenever I had a particularly stubborn blemish to take care of. She kindly gave me a tube when I went looking for it one night and the rest, as they say, is history!

At night I dot a tiny bit of this clear gel onto any blemishes, bumps or suspicious marks and, come the morning, all the nasties have either dried up, shrunk or vanished altogether.

Judging by the short, sharp sting of the gel when you apply it to any irritated or raw areas, I would hazard that this has a pretty high alcohol content. This would account for the spots contracting and appearing to shrink as well as any of those larger ones drying up.

I don't know the exact price of this but, considering that this is Clean & Clear, I don't image that it's anywhere north of a tenner! And, given that a little goes such a long way, one 15ml tube will last a fairly long time!

P.S. I've also used the Bliss spot gel and, despite it being a fair whack more expensive, it's not a patch on this little powerhouse!


  1. wow, i'm sure gonna buy this. i hope it's available in my country.

  2. I use this too & it definitely helps - because it has 2% salicylic acid in it! x x

  3. I used to love this when I had those nasty teenage pimples. I still have them now and then, must buy it again... :)

  4. I used this when i used to get blemishes and it is really good!! Thankfully doesn't happen that often anymore!


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