January 04, 2012

Review: Avon Magix Face Perfector SPF 20

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At this stage, I think some of you may be sick of me banging on about my oily skin, but here goes. As a teenager, I struggled to find foundation that lasted all day. Everything would just slip and slide after a couple of hours, and although my skin isn't quite as crazy as it was, I still have to put in the effort to keep my base in place.

This is something that a lot of us struggle with, and after a lot of experimenting, I'm a firm believer in three steps in order to achieve a long-lasting, flawless base; primer, followed by a good quality foundation and powder. Some claim that you shouldn't use a primer every day - I don't really care to be honest, and I have a few so that mixes things up a little, right?!

This is the primer that I've been reaching for most often since it was sent to me to the brand a bit before Christmas. I wasn't expecting much from it, but have been seriously impressed with it so far. Looking at the packaging, I was expecting a fairly creamy-type primer along the lines of Laura Mercier or Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. The formula is actually quite thick, stiff and powdery - more along the lines of what you'd expect in a pot. It comes out white but sheers out and becomes transparent upon application.

Speaking of which, applying this has become one of the best parts of my makeup routine.The formula is really smooth and silcone-y, and makes my face feel super-soft. Pores, lines and scarring all seem less significant after putting this on, and it also has a nice fresh smell. All of this reminds me more than a bit of Benefit's The Porefessional (I've been through two tubes, so am pretty familiar with the stuff). Honestly, there is hardly any difference between the two, except that they smell different and the Avon product isn't tinted.

Another obvious difference is the price; The Porefessional retails for €33.50, whereas you can get Magix Skin Perfector on sale for a tenner here. It's definitely a great buy, as it mattifies, minimises imperfections and makes your foundation last longer, all in one go. On top of this, it creates a perfect base for makeup and contains an SPF of 20 - yes, I sound like an infomercial at this stage, but it really is pretty good. A tube will last a decent amount of time, as you don't need much to cover the face. I really recommend this and am addicted - let me know if you've tried it!

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