January 28, 2012

Productive Saturday, Baking and January Carmine Box

I felt like dropping in and saying hello so, this will just be a quick post while I, quite literally, wait for my bread to rise!

I rarely do these random update posts because I don't ever think people would be interested in my rather mundane life but, sure, I'm in a chatty mood today!

Saturday's for me usually center largely around how long I can stay in bed before I get hungry/need to pee but, today has been super productive for once! I was up since 9am and have been on the go ever since!

My sister Aisling is starting her mock exams for her Leaving Cert on Monday and she had asked me to bake her something special this weekend and just help her relax a bit so I set about that until I realised we had no flour and had to leg it up to the supermarket. Let me tell you, 9.30am this morning was freezing!

Naturally, the recipe she asked me to make was lengthy and complex (It couldn't have just been cookies, Aisling, no?!) and I have been at it on and off all day! It probably sounds a bit stupid to some of you to make such a fuss over practice exams but, I remember exactly what it feels like to be going into the most important exams of your life so far and not knowing what to expect from the papers so, I promised her a few weeks ago we'd have a fun and relaxing day before the madness begins for her.

Here's a sneak peek of my craft!

In between times I went to the gym, walked home, took blog photos, wrote four blog posts and, now I'm here! 

Oh, Carmine sent over one of their January boxes so, I may as well show you that since it's pretty good! Don't read after the jump though if you're still expecting yours and want to be surprised.

This Carmine box is definitely a good note to start 2012 off on as it's really well-rounded. For skin, there is a 10ml sample of Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream, a 5ml sample of Balance Me Radiance Face Oil which I can't wait to try as I love facial oils. There is also a 100g sachet of Westlab Himalayan Pink Salt for the bath. Make-up and beauty-wise, Carmine has really played a blinder this month.  There a gorgeous set of Eldora False Eyelashes which are handmade and a full-sized Eyeko Fat Eye Stick. I got this in the shade Old Gold and it really is just an amazingly pigmented antique gold eyeshadow pencil. 

Anyway, I can hear my timer beeping so, have to go bung this bread in the oven! Check back Monday to see what it was I made and for the recipe! Hope you're all having a lovely, relaxing Saturday! Let me know if you like these rambling posts?


  1. i did really like this post, i'd say keep them coming :)

  2. I liked it :) hehe you're such a lovely sister xxx


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