January 23, 2012

Monday Morning Rain Is Falling

I'm not a morning person. I feel physically sick when I have to wrench myself from the warm and comforting confines of my bed and into a chilly, dark room and I don't acknowledge anyone before 9am as a rule.

7.30 am usually sees me bleary-eyed, bushy-haired and clumsy as hell but, because I work in a corporate environment (Read: Office.) I have to look neat and tidy and nicely presentable. So, I thought I would show you the 5-minute make-up routine I'm currently using that leaves me looking reasonably alive and ready to face the day ahead. I can do this entire routine using only two make-up tools - my fingers do the rest of the work- and it takes no cosmetic savvy whatsoever (I can do it perfectly without wearing my glasses/contacts!).

Behold! My foolproof, quick and easy early morning make-up routine, perfect for anyone who works or has early starts for college or school and wishes to maximise their face time with the duvet!

The first step for me is to slather my skin in La Roche-Posay Hydraphase UV moisturiser. I let this soak in while I brush my teeth etc and then blend a small amount of Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint into my skin with my fingertips. I tend just to concentrate this on areas of redness and blemishes so as not to look too made-up or cakey. I finish my skin by buffing in some of my trusty MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural using a MAC 182 kabuki brush.

I use two cheek products, both of them creams, both of them easily applied with my fingers. For blush, I adore MAC Blushcreme in Ladyblush, applied to the apples of my cheeks and blended backwards towards the hairline. I highlight the top of my cheekbones and down my nose using Benefit Watt's Up! and also blend this with my fingers.

For eyes, I keep it simple by just curling my lashes and applying a thin coat of YSL Faux Cils Shocking mascara in Grey Black. I use the Cosmetics Á La Carte Semi-Permanent Brow Ink in Taupe to define my brows. This is actually much too dark for me but, I found that if I literally paint the hairs with the marker tip, the shade is perfect and looks so much more natural than putting product onto the skin below my brows.

Despite being a lip product junkie, I have only recently started wearing lipstick to work and I never reapply it during the day. I don't know why so, don't ask me but, in the mornings I like the lift a spot of lippie gives me as I try to wake up! I prep my lips at the same time as applying my moisturiser using La Roche-Posay Nutritic lip balm and, currently, finish off my lips with Dior Addict in Beige Casual.

The final step is to spritz my face with a setting spray, currently La Roche-Posay's Eau Thermale and that is genuinely it. I know it looks like a lot of products in theory but, in comparison to my "going out" face of make-up, this is nothing. The final result is clean, light and natural make-up that wears well throughout the day and is perfect for a professional environment.

Excuse the absolute state of the below photos but, they were, quite literally, taken at 7.30 am one Monday morning!


  1. Oh you look lovely!
    I am jealous of all of this MAC skinfinishing that is going on on the blog so I have decided to add it to the "when I next have cash" list as item #1 to buy!

  2. You look absolutely lovely and im so curious about benefit watts up! :D

    1. Thanks! We have a full look at Benefit Watt's Up here if you want to take a look!

  3. Ive seen and tried the Watts Up a few times but your picture really makes it show up nice. great choices and great look.

    1. Thanks Laura! Watts Up can be hit and miss but, it's perfect for daywear!

  4. I love Mineralize Skinfinish, its amazing for the days you don't want to wear foundation!! Love the blush, its a lovely colour :) xx

  5. I need me an MSF. Been using Ladyblush on my make up course and looove it so that's on the wishlist too!!

  6. I have to hunt down that setting spray!!!

  7. I love the way no matter how much we love make-up, we always manage to hone it down to the smallest amount possible in the early mornings! The Watt's Up really does look great too:) x


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