January 01, 2012

GOSH Nail Glitters: Review and How-To

Happy New Year! Hope you all rang in 2012 safely and happily! 

If you saw the post on my recent cosmetics purchases from London, you will have seen that I picked up two of the GOSH Nail Glitters in Gold and Rose Quartz. The thought of these has caused quite a stir in the beauty blogosphere yet, I haven't come across very many posts on them or how to use them! I'm not entirely sure that these are available in Ireland yet but, I purchased mine from Superdrug for £3.99 apiece.

Unusually, they come with no real instruction. However, I do recall seeing the promo image on the stand in Superdrug suggesting that one would use a make-up brush to paint the glitter onto the nail?! Needless to say, I did not do that!

To minimise mess, I took a sheet of A4 paper and folded it down the middle. I then reopened this and used it to catch any excess glitter. This meant that the table/floor/me was relatively unaffected by the fine particles and that the paper could be folded back up and used to decant the excess glitter back into the pot, thus reducing waste as well!

I used the Nail Glitter in Gold to create an accent nail for my Christmas Day nails. Having painted all but my ring fingers in Barry M Red Glitter, I used a clear base on my ring fingers to adhere the the glitter. I chose to use OPI Matte Nail Envy  but, you could use any normal top or base coat.

I then poured a small amount of the glitter into the plastic insert from the pot (Not sure what the actual name for this is!) so that I wouldn't use too much or muck up the entire pot with my sticky nails! Over the crease in the paper, I sprinkled the glitter from the insert onto my nail, ensuring that the whole nail was coated.

I gave the glitter a few seconds to adhere and then tipped the excess glitter off my finger and onto the paper and gently brushed off any residual glitter from my skin with a cotton bud.

Refolding the paper, I used the crease to decant the extra glitter back into the pot and, hey-presto, super glittery nails! I wasn't sure how a topcoat would sit over the glitter and whether it would make it clump or not but, as the nail was so rough without it, I took my chances and loaded the brush of my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and covered my nail in one swift stroke. Thankfully, there was no clumping and the glitter did not shrink back from the tip of my nail, nor did it diminish the shine!

I am genuinely impressed with the Nail Glitter as I really didn't know whether it would actually work or was just a gimmick! I don't see it lasting too long on the nail, especially if you forgo a topcoat but, for a special occasion, the result is well worth the effort!

Would you give loose glitter a go for your nails?!


  1. Lovely nails!! You can buy them in Ireland on most gosh stands.:) I have a few and love them.:)

  2. So great that you posted a how-to, I'm always confused as to how I should use these products. The nailpolish looks amazing! <3 :)

  3. They are 6 EUR in Sam Mcauley's chemists

  4. Thanks for the how-to! Your nails looked fab, and very festive I must say xxx


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