January 31, 2012

A Deadly Skincare Duo

My skin is something that always worries me and, to be honest, makes me feel crap. I've had some really lovely comments on here telling me that my skin looks great, but that's simply because I've mastered covering up every single spot and scar with concealer, foundation and powder. I love makeup, and I'm forever grateful that I have a means of concealing my flaws, but I do wish that I didn't always have to.

I'm really hoping that some day I'll be able to slap on a really light foundation, powder or tinted moisturiser and leg it out of the door. This is just as much about self-confidence as it is about the actual state of my skin, but that's another day's work! I'm trying my very best at the moment to care for my skin and improve it as much as possible, so here's what's been working for me.

I've said before that I adore French skincare brands, and La Roche-Posay is rapidly becoming my overall favourite. The price point is decent (under €20), and out of all of the brands I've tried, I feel that this range caters best to my skin type. Most importantly, the products do what they say!

The plain packaging can be quite confusing and off-putting, so the best thing to do when it comes to this brand is research what will suit you, and know the exact name of what you need before you go out and buy it.! For combination, oily or acne-prone skin, the Effaclar range is best. 

I've raved before about Effaclar K and how much it improved my skin last year, and to be honest I'm not sure why I ever stopped using it. I decided recently to try Effaclar Duo, as my skin was particularly crap (think big blemishes, blackheads, open pores and acne scarring) and it's supposed to be good for unclogging and caring for acne-riddled skin. I think that after a second tube of this, I'll return to Effaclar K, which apparently is more of a preventative product (not gonna lie, it took me a while to figure out the difference between the two), it keeps blemishes at bay, refines pores and fades acne scarring. 


At the moment, Effaclar Duo is my night treatment and it has improved the appearance of my skin a whole lot. It's brighter and more refined overall, and the few zits that I do get around my chin and jaw are healing a lot quicker than they usually would. The odd time, I will also put this on just that area before my moisturiser in the morning.

My current daily moisturiser is one sent to me by the brand just before Christmas, Hydraphase UV Intense Legère. It's a deeply hydrating yet light lotion that also contains an SPF of 20 - basically, everything that I want in a moisturiser. Just because my skin is oily, doesn't mean that it doesn't require moisture. A couple of pumps of this in the morning will hydrate my skin all day without overpowering it. It applies beautifully and appears to almost instantly smooth everything out, and soaks in super-fast without leaving a greasy finish. It's the perfect base for makeup - I even prefer it to my previous favourite LRP moisturiser, Effaclar M. Even if you don't have the same skin type as I do, this may be worth trying as I know that Sinéad loved it too!

To sum up, I can't recommend these products enough, and I think that they work really well in tandem with each other. If you're looking for a bit of a skin overhaul, I hope this review came in handy!

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  1. I'm currently using Effaclar K as a moisturiser and Effaclar Duo as a spot treatment for morning and night, so the lady told me to do so in the chemist.Is this a right combination? Ha :) xxx


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