December 01, 2011

Winter Warriors for Skin, Lips and Hands

Jeez, that cold weather really came out of nowhere didn't it?! When I left my house on Monday morning it was a balmy 13 degrees so, you can imagine my shock of stepping out of work nine hours later to be met with a biting, icy cold wind and a drop in temperature that has only gotten worse as the week has progressed!

Oh well, as a lover of coats, scarves, gloves and boots, I can't say I mind too much! My skin and lips, on the other hand, are finding it hard to cope and have kicked up a fuss in opposition to the harsh cold! However, there are three products which I have found to be nothing short of heroic in helping my extremities make the abrupt transition from autumn to winter. 

My poor face has become as dry as the Sahara in the space of two days. My usually balanced skin had started flaking and feels ridiculously tight. None of my usual hydrating moisturisers or facial oils were giving much relief until I dug this baby out of my (overflowing!) skincare drawer: NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Face Cream (€27.00).

The pot I have is actually the day cream but, I use it at night as well. It is the thickest moisturiser I have ever used yet, it is surprisingly quick to soak in. I applied this on Tuesday night and woke up on Wednesday morning with nary a dry patch in sight. Result! Oh, and I can't let mention of this cream pass without acknowledging the delicious scent. To my schnoz, it smells like Christmas; pine needles, honey and sugar. Perfect for December! 

My lips have also suffered mercilessly at the hands of the elements. Dried, cracked and sore despite my obsessive compulsiveness with applying lip balm all day, everyday, I didn't really know what would help outside my usual arsenal of treatments. Then I dug out a pot of the original Carmex and all my woes were forgotten.

Carmex must be one of the most universal lip products around. Everyone has a pot/tube of it and everyone has used it. I love the medicinal smell and the thick, unrelenting protection it provides. I slick this on before stepping out of a warm environment into the cold and I can actually feel the extra layer of defence it gives my lips. Best of all, you can pick it up in most chemists and supermarkets for next to nothing!

Despite my penchant for gloves, my hands do feel the effects of winter quite rapidly. Commuting, I wear fingerless mittens so I can manoeuvre my phone, book, train pass and money quite easily so, my fingers often get badly nipped by the cold. As a result, I have taken to keeping handcream everywhere; by my bed (Korres Hand Cream), in my bag (The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Hand Cream) and on my desk in work (Roger & Gallet Bois D'Orange Hand Cream). 

While all three of these soothe and relive my frostbitten digits, I find that Roger & Gallet is the most effective overall. This is probably because I slather it on directly after coming in from the cold and, so, I can feel the full effect of the soothing, spicy orange-scented cream instantly. Thankfully, this triad of creams has helped ward off any dry, sore or red skin on my hands so, here's hoping it lasts! 

Do you have any Winter Warrior products?


  1. Ohh my skin is in a bad way.
    It's normally relatively normal, but like you, recently it's been all tight and patches of dryness and just terrible! I have been lashing on the Vit E cream but I think I will have to go more heavy duty :(

  2. Carmex is fab. I am a big fan of more medicated lip balms like this, and Blistex too. At the minute I'm actually using the Rose & Co. Apothecary Salve from my Nov. Boudoir Privé box and it's really good too.

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