December 13, 2011

Penneys Purchases

Apologies for the lame title of this post, but I'm sick of the H-word! Penneys is (kinda) on my way home from college, which has resulted in a few visits of late. Here's what I've picked up:

Hair Doughnut (€2): I love these things, this is my second one. They're an absolute lifesaver for bad hair days - no matter how frizzy or messy my hair looks, I can still manage to fashion it into a sleek bun with the help of this. You simply tie your hair into a ponytail and then, bit by bit, wrap your hair back around the ring and secure with a few grips. The end result is really sleek, and I also find that the doughnut keeps everything in place for longer, and obviously makes the bun itself look a lot more voluminous.
Also pictured are these really cute bow earrings (€2) that I adore and have been wearing all week!

I love a good eyeliner. Gel has been my preference for ages, but I've been getting back into liquid simply because it's faster and there are no brushes to wash. Plenty of us Irish girls have been bemoaning the fact that Essence changed the applicator of their amazing liquid eyeliner, and I've been looking out for something to replace mine.

It made sense for me to pick up the Catrice one; the formula seemed pretty durable upon a quick swatch and rub, and it didn't break the bank at about a fiver or less! The applicator, like the new Essence one, is a sponge tip, but with a much finer point. I do like it but I find that I end up with an unintentionally super-thick winged liner look when I use this. More practice is needed, I guess!

I also picked up everyone's new favourite Deborah Lipmann-esque shade from Essence, Blue Addicted. If you're broke and need a pick-me-up or a decent stocking filler, this is your best bet! I also have this shade's golden sister, which you can see in action here.

I blogged about the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks a good while ago, and I've only gotten around to actually buying one now. My friend Jenny actually bought this first, and it was so gorgeous on her that I had to go and get it. It's a deep, bright pink that is somewhere right inbetween MAC Impassioned and Girl About Town.

I love the quality of these, they're fab for the price and are reminiscent of a MAC Amplified Creme in that they leave a stain on the lips and are super long-lasting, without being too drying. The finish is a creamy satin one, so no need to worry if you're not a fan of mattes.

Let me know what you think of these goodies! Have you got any good bargains recently?


  1. I got the Hair Doughnut a few weeks ago, I love it too!! x

  2. I have meant to buy a hair doughnut for ages. But somehow I didn't want to spend £5 on that! I didn't know Primark/Penney's ahd them, I will look it up!

  3. Exactly the same as Ms Bubu, didn't know Penneys had them! Love the earrings, I had a gorgeous pair of bow earrings that I got from an ASOS sale ages back and they broke, brilliant to know that Penneys are doing that style too! Any excuse to go in haha x

  4. i have the blue nail varnish it is lovely on but A DEVIL to get off again! Áine

  5. heheheh - I also HAAAAAAAAATE the H word!

  6. I must really find that hair doughnut of mine! I know its somewhere!!!

  7. Got my hair doughnut from Primark now! It was only £1! Thanks for the tip, will try it soon!


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