December 29, 2011

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook you will have probably seen me celebrating this recent purchase!

I have wanted a Michael Kors watch since, well, it seems like forever but, I could never justify spending €350-€400 (depending on where you buy) on what is essentially a fashion item that is only gold-plated and not solid.

However, recently Net-A-Porter had their Secret Sale and the Michael Kors Rose Gold watch, the one I'd always wanted, was 50% off!

It cost €172 including shipping which I think is a much better price for what it is!

The watch is rose gold plated with a rose gold face. I know this type of watch isn't for everyone as it is very big and chunky but, I love men's watches on women (though this is a woman's watch!) and, eventually I would love a Rolex but, for now, and until I have a spare 5K floating around, I am thrilled with my MK bargain!

Let me know if you got anything from the Secret Sale, I know a few girls on Twitter also picked up this watch!


  1. Love this - It would create the perfect pop of colour for a monochromatic ensemble!

  2. oooh rose gold! Yummy, I am so very jealous right now :)

  3. For my 18th I got a White Ceramic Michael Kors Watch with Swarovski Crystals and I am in LOVE!


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