December 21, 2011

Make-Up Storage Ideas

This is a scheduled post as I am away in London until Thursday! I'll respond to any comments when I get back! Hope you're all having a lovely Christmas week! S x

It's no secret that I am a make-up addict. I have never done a room tour because it is, quite literally, overflowing with a mixture of clothes, shoes and cosmetics and no matter what I do it never looks tidy (Needless to say, it drives my mam mad! And me too if I am entirely honest!).

With that said, I have been working to put together some kind of decent storage system for my beauty products so that they aren't cluttering up every surface in my room. I thought I would just show you what I have bought and how inexpensively you can source suitable storage in case any of you are in a similar situation!

Any of the make-up I wear on a day-to-day basis as well as high-end brands are stored in this 6-drawer wooden unit from IKEA. Now, my godmother brought this back to me from Holland years ago (as in 12 years or more!) when IKEA was but a distant dream for us here in Ireland so, don't expect to find a similar one there today. That being said, IKEA have some great storage solutions and I know a lot of bloggers have invested in this drawer unit to contain their collections!

In the three small drawers I keep lipglosses, lipsticks and false eyelashes. In the two medium-sized drawers I have face products; primers, foundations, powders, concealers, in one and cheek products; single blushes, bronzers, MSFs, highlighters,tints; in the other. Finally, in the big long drawer I have all of my eye products and palettes including blush palettes.

Ashamedly, this isn't all of my make-up and I had to create an overflow system! This 3-drawer plastic storage unit came from Woodies DIY but, most good hardwares should have them. It cost about €15 and is great because the drawers are so deep so they hold a lot. I keep it under my desk where a PC tower would usually go as I don't need to get at it too frequently.

In the first drawer I keep all of my overflow make-up; foundations, powders, palettes, lipsticks and lipglosses. In the second drawer I have any body creams and exfoliators that I'm not currently using while the third drawer contains some more body creams as well as fake tan!

Nail polish storage was a big issue for me. In my collection post a few months back I showed I was using a wicker basket to store them all but, I soon ran out of space in this and needed to find something else to contain the growing collection!

For any tall bottles, I am using a deep Redken tin I got as part of a shampoo and conditioner set from my godmother. For smaller bottles, including Chanel, I am using the Net-A-Porter box from my YSL Arty Ring while a Glossybox has been put to use holding any nail wraps, spare nail files and other nail care tools. I keep my strengtheners, topcoats and basecoats in this little glittery OPI bag.

As well as for nail polish, Glossybox boxes have been reappropriated to house lots of other cosmetics in my room. In one I have giveaway prizes that I have collected up and want to keep together while, in another, I have removed the lid and keep it as a storage box beside my IKEA drawers where it holds eye make-up remover, cotton buds, cotton pads, contact lenses, facial oil, my hairbrush and dry shampoo, basically just stuff I need to get at regularly! I also use a Glossybox to keep packaging that I want to Back-to-MAC at some point!

On top of the wooden drawers I have three orb-like bowls. I featured the large, disco-ball one a long time ago in my make-up collection post and it still houses all of my make-up brushes. I bought this in a store in Lanzarote called Natura when I was there on holidays last year and it cost around €7. The two smaller glass bowls are actually candle holders from Dunnes Stores Christmas range that I picked up last week for €3 each. I thought they were really pretty with the bejewelled rim and would be perfect for holding all of my eyeliners in one and lipliners and eyebrow pens and pencils in another!

Finally, I use this massive plastic box to store all my LUSH products. It has two snaps on the sides that lock the lid in place which is great as it keeps the different scents from overpowering my room! It is separated into 6 different compartments so I just divide everything up to keep it separate and avoid the delicate bath products from getting bashed! This was also from Woodies DIY and cost around €10.

I make a point to keep any nice, sturdy boxes I get in case I need them for storage so, I have these set aside for when my collection expands even more!

So, as you can see, you don't have to spend a fortune on make-up storage to keep it all tucked away! Hope this post was helpful! 


  1. They still have them in Ikea :)

  2. So sad that IKEA don't deliver (for a reasonable price) nationwide. I want this for nail varnish/small make up bits

  3. I use my Glossy/ Boudoir Prive boxes for storage too and it's fab. I wish my cosmetics was as organised as yours.


  4. I love that wooden draw unit Sinead.

  5. I now have SEVEN empty glossy boxes for storage; one for everyday makeup, one full of makeup that I no longer use, and five full of nail polish! The rest of my makeup stays in a big vantity/train case but is beginning to overflow which is worrying :/

  6. Wish there was an Ikea in Galway! Would love to get me a unit like that. I've been on the lookout for a while. My other issue is where on earth do I fit the unit in my room once I have it....hmmmmm...

  7. Love this post, I need to one of my own!
    Lucy x

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