December 20, 2011

Hairstyles for the Party Season!

I'm not usually one to go for different hairdos all the time. I kind of know what suits me (and what's easy) and stick to it. My hair is almost always wavy or curly, either in its natural state or with the help of a curling iron/GHD. However, seeing as my hair is so long, I've been trying to make the most of it recently, and attempting to switch things up a little while I'm at it. 

1. First up is a great hairdo for if you're in a rush but still need to look as though you've put a ton of effort in. I wore my hair this way to a Christmas dinner party last week - I'd been busy making a cake for dessert and ran out of time to do anything too time-consuming. 

Its's basically a French plait that cascades horizontally across and down the back of the head. I then pinned the plait into a low side bun, but you could leave it down if you prefer. I picked up the idea for this from this video, and once you've mastered it, it really is super easy!

2. I love curling my hair, and it's very rare that you'll see me with a poker straight 'do. When I was getting ready for a college Christmas party last week, I had enough time on my hands to make an extra bit of effort, so I tried pin-curling my hair with the help of heat. Basically, I curled my hair with my GHD and pinned each curl up while it was still hot, so it would cool down in a curl if that makes sense. This took some time, and I left the pins in while I did my makeup, giving the curls an occasional blast with the hairdryer for extra heat.

                                                                       Sexy or wha'?

                        I then unpinned the curls, starting from the bottom. They came out like this:

Way too tight and stringy-looking for my liking. For a softer, more vintage look, I went through them gently with a large paddle brush, and set it with hairspray (Elnett, always Elnett!). I found that these curls lasted way longer using this method. I'll be doing this again on Christmas Eve before I go out to the local, and it'll last for Christmas Day too - perfect!

What do you think of these looks?


  1. I love the way the curls turned out after you ran a brush through them.

  2. I mean I want your hair, stupid fat hands! hahah

  3. I love the first one so much, I am going to practice it until my hands bleed. LOL but seriously...


  4. gorge, your hair is amazing Dee

  5. The French plait updo looks really intricate, can't believe it's so simple! Your curls turned out beautifully too. I'm with you on Elnett :D


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