December 19, 2011

Essence Liquid Eyeliner: Good News!


It's safe to say that I've ranted and raved on this blog about about how great the Essence liquid eyeliners are. I love them for the amazing quality, staying power, and, up until recently, the super-precise applicator. Then, much to my dismay, we learned back in August that the applicator was going to change to a sponge-tip.

I was pretty confused as to why Essence would mess with such a hero product that so many people love, but then again, sponge-tip applicators are often favoured by liquid eyeliner newbies, so perhaps that was the method to their madness? Who knows. 

I gave the new packaging a go when a sample was sent to us, and just found it harder to work with. The sponge-tip was a bit wonky to begin with, which obviously resulted in a less-than-perfect flick. I tried my hardest to get used to it, but ended up dipping the old applicator into my new tube - clever or wha'? This is still a messy operation though, so I decided to do a bit of investigation.

One quick query to Essence's PR later, and I'm really happy to tell you guys that from March, the Essence liquid eyeliner (normal and waterproof) will have the fine brush applicator again. Hooray! Will you be stocking up this springtime?


  1. I really like the new one ;( seem to be the only one that does, find it less smudge-prone too! I'll be stocking up on the new ones before they re-introduce the old one hah!

  2. Brilliant news,since they changed I was lured over to the Inglot gel eyeliner team.I find the new essence eyeliner too 'runny' for want of a better word, hope they change that too.

  3. It is really a great news!!! This seems to have very preety. Thank you..:)

  4. Love this eyeliner it's amazing for the price!!! :) x

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  6. Hi where can I buy this in the uk thanx tasha


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