December 08, 2011

Counterfeit Make-Up: Be Aware

I'm not one to enforce a point again and again. Once I state my case I feel that whoever is going to take it in has done so and those who haven't won't no matter how much I repeat myself. However, I feel so strongly about this issue that I feel attention needs to be drawn to it once again, especially in the run-up to Christmas.

I'm talking, of course, about counterfeit make-up. A few of us beauty bloggers were directed to a Facebook page proclaiming to be selling MAC make-up. It was, quite obviously, fake and yet, when the issue was raised with the page moderators they were none too pleased, insisting that it was authentic and that we were, in fact, defaming them.

I'm not going to share the page name because I don't want to draw any further attention to them but, I would just like to stress that MAC is not and never will be authentically sold on Facebook or other social networking sites. To do so is highly unethical, illegal and, most of all, unsafe as counterfeit products have been found to contain everything from lead to urine.

I spent a long time a few months ago sourcing, testing and reviewing fake MAC make-up. If you would like to read that post to refresh your memory or to learn how to spot a fake, you can do so here. My skin reacted quite badly to some of the product swatches so, I can't fathom how someone could put these on their faces or near their eyes for the sake of saving a few quid.

In the run-up to Christmas, counterfeit make-up sellers have doubled their efforts but, I implore you not to support this black market and to save your money and your health and only buy authentic products from authorised sellers. You can report any Facebook page purporting to be selling counterfeit products by clicking "Report this page" at the bottom left of the profile and choosing "Spam or Scam".


  1. A few people have recommended Brands Direct on Facebook to me. Do you know if they're genuine? There's no obvious pics of counterfeit products at the mo as far as I can see

  2. To be honest Laura, I don't know but, I would never ever buy make-up off Facebook; even Avon. I don't think it's safe, there is no guarantee and you have no comeback if you have a bad reaction to the products.

  3. Ya I was thinking the same for the sake of a few Euro. They do seem ok though, was just curious. It's hard to know too when they put up generic/snipped pics of items from website and not the ACTUAL product they have. Madness

  4. Yeah even if it is a lack of funds, there are so many good drugstore options that there is no need to buy fake at all! Yeah it is madness and sure the same happens with pages selling knock-off designer shoes and dresses which usually cost hundreds and thousands of euro yet they can sell them for a fraction of that and claim they are real by using authentic pics!

  5. Girls, you can also report the individual photos of the fake products on facebook. I feel genuinely sorry for anyone trying to budget who comes across this stuff and thinks they're getting a great deal, it's horrible and such a disgraceful thing to do. To be honest, the only places I buy make-up online are ASOS 1 or 2 Irish sites that I know are reputable. Appalling.

  6. Thanks Sinead, I wasn't that this make up could be so dangerous! I will definately avoid in future


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