December 08, 2011

Christmas Cheer from Head to Toe

I’m a Christmas maniac. We’re talking tree up at the first opportunity in December, (tasteful) lights everywhere, onesies, mince pies, movie marathons and scented candles. So, it probably comes as no surprise that my festive cheer extends right into my love of cosmetics and pamper products!

As soon as December 1st hit, I whipped out some products I had a been hoarding in anticipation for Christmas. In two of the bathrooms in my house, I've put some Christmas soaps. Upstairs we have LUSH’s Candy Cane soap (€3.45 for 100g), a massive red and white-swirled chunk that smells of sweet peppermint. Downstairs is a bar from The Handmade Soap Co. in Grandma Quigley’s Soap (€4.50) which is an amazing concoction of clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, pine and sweet orange.

Yuletide scents have also extended into my shower routine with the annual outing of Snowfairy shower gel from LUSH (€4.10 for 100g; €7.50 for €250g; €12.50 for 500g) which smells so exactly like pear drop sweets that it’s mouth-watering! I've also been using and loving the Candied Ginger Body Scrub from The Body Shop (€17.95).

My final two seasonal products are also from The Body Shop’s Christmas range. I’ve been totally addicted to the Spiced Vanilla Hand Cream (€8.50). It’s intensely moisturising which we really need in the wake of the cold weather but, it also smells incredible! Same goes for the Cranberry Joy Lip Balm (€6.85). It keeps my lips lovely and moisturised, protects them against the biting wind and adds a pretty tint of colour as Dee showed in this post. The tin is also gorgeous and festive!

Have you let Christmas creep into your beauty routine?

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  1. Oh my, I am so in love with Lush's candy cane soap, it has the most beautiful, unique smell, I just want to wash my hands over and over!


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