November 01, 2011

YSL Holiday Look 2011

Yves Saint Laurent launched the iconic and classic tuxedo for women in 1966. In 2011, the tuxedo has been taken to another level and is the obvious muse for the  Holiday collection.

The collection is positively huge with  limited edition products in the collection for eyes, face and nails as well as a pile of new products for the permanent line. There are two limited edition palettes, Palette Noir Terriblement (RRP €53.00) for eyes and Palette Blanc Terriblement (RRP €53.00) for face, representing the black and white tuxedos respectively. Nails are catered for with the Duo Terriblement Noir (RRP €35.00), a two-part manicure system including a glossy black and a matte black that are a nod to the different textures used in making a tuxedo.

Along with the limited edition and uber-covetable releases are an abundance of new additions to existing product lines. There are two new texture eyeshadow duos, Ombres Duolumieres (RRP €40.00), in Gold Lamé/Velvet Black and Silver Moiré/Black Flannel. Five new Golden Glosses (RRP €28.00) join the current lineup, all white/clear in colour with a different colour shimmer running throughout with shades including White Gold Diamond, White Gold Quartz and White Gold Amethyst. Finally, there are four new shades in the super-popular Rouge Pur Couture (RRP €31.00) line; Rose Déesse, Rose Aphrodite, Poupre Divin and Rouge Eros.

We received the Palette Noir Terriblement for eyes and the Golden Gloss in White Gold Diamond to show you all so, read on for the usual swatches and thoughts!

YSL’s Golden Glosses are some of the few lipglosses I actually like. They are thick yet not sticky, incredibly long lasting and, despite being shimmery are really flattering on the lips. Oh, and they smell and taste of watermelon! White Gold Diamond is a gorgeous frosty white shade shot through with masses of silver sparkle which you can see really well in the picture taken with flash below.

Natural Light


I love, love, love that Golden Glosses come with a brush applicator. Most lipglosses, for some bizarre reason, come with doe-foot applicators which I cannot abide as they seem so germy and get kind of smelly after prolonged use. The YSL applicators are very thick and densely packed so you have a lot of control over the amount of product applied. 

YSL say that these White Gold glosses can all be worn over lipstick or alone but, I would advise caution and a light hand when wearing it alone! Without being totally suggestive and inappropriate, the semi-opaque white base (visible in the natural light picture below) of these glosses could make you look like you’d been up to no good, if you get my drift! However, these would be absolutely gorgeous over any lipstick by adding subtle dimension with shimmer without compromising the lipstick colour too much! I’ll definitely be trying this out over all different lipstick colours for the Christmas party season.

Natural Light (L) and Flash (R)

The real jewel in this collection’s crown are the palettes. They come in the standard heavy gold and mirrored YSL compacts but, are wrapped in a pleated tuxedo belt which is embroidered with the instantly recognisable brand logo YSL. This will be prompty reappropriated as a fancy pants wrist cuff by most of you, I presume! 

Palette Noir Terriblement, the black tuxedo, is made up of five shades. Four are variations on your standard black; Black Velvet, Black Silk, Black Moiré, Black Lamé while the fifth a shimmering snow white, White Satin. Now, the more reasonable, level-headed and realistic among you might wonder how there can be “variations” of black and why you would need four. 

Well, yes, admittedly you don’t need four blacks but, these are different in that they range in tone from grey-black to blackest black and all sport different colour shimmer. Not mindblowing but, different enough to maybe, perhaps, definitely warrant the expenditure! 

If the necessity (Sarcasm, I assure you!) of four different black eyeshadows doesn’t have you reaching for your bank card, then perhaps this will; These shadows are the best quality I have ever seen in my entire life. Yep, THE BEST. They are all incredibly pigmented, which is rare for black shadow, and the texture is…well, if butter and silk could have a baby, it would feel like these eyeshadows. There is not a rough finish in sight with these which is no mean feat for shadows that contain glitter. L-O-V-E.

And, best of all, on swatching you can see that the blacks really are very different. There is a taupe black, a brown black, a purple black and a grey black. At €53 this palette isn’t cheap but, it’s not overpriced either. You get five eyeshadows of an absolutely stellar quality that will give you at least four different smokey eye looks and a compact that looks oh-so-amazing when you whip it out of your bag. G’wan, treat yourself! 

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  1. I can just imagine my dad reading the part about the different blacks and getting a head-ache.


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