November 10, 2011

YSL Arty Ring

I've wanted an Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring for the longest time now. Any time I saw them on fashion blogs, in magazines or on celebrities, I would totally lust over them, and, now, I am thrilled to say I am the proud owner of one!

I got the ring from Net-A-Porter. Delivery took two working days and, to say that it was beautifully packaged would be an understatement! So much so, I decided to do a little unveiling, layer by layer of the packaging!

And, here it is! This is the blue Arty ring. In real life, it's a bit darker, navy almost and I absolutely adore it!

I know that cocktail jewelry like this isn't to everyone's tastes but, I love the chunkiness of it and how dramatic it looks. I was convinced my mam would hate it but, she actually thought it was gorgeous! 

I love investing (It was €125.) in pieces like this and I'm always working to build my collection of fancy/expensive/designer/rare/whatever you want to call them pieces so that, one day, I can hand a little treasure trove down to my children! 

For now, however, the Arty bug has well and truly grabbed hold of me and I'm already deciding which my next one will be! 


  1. NOM! I can never my rings online, I've got big chubby fingers. I love the idea of handing your jewellery down, justifies the spend! x

  2. I have pretty chubby fingers too! This one is a 7 and they only go up to an 8! Yeah I definitely think it does! Or at least I tell myself that! x

  3. I'm drooling here, it's GORGEOUS! I love that feeling when you finally get something you've wanted for ages, it's fab xxx

  4. Thanks! I love it so much! x

  5. Woah!!!!!!!!!!

    I'd never seen a YSL Arty ring before, but God, I am in love. Head over heels, salivating in mouth kind of love, I don't even look at my boyfriend in the same ways I'm looking at this right now haha!

    I don't know why, but as soon as you'd said you'd bought it, I just assumed it was one of those solid perfume rings - weird. It is absolutely stunning though, just the kind of big, unusual jewellery I like to go for. Ooooh if anything gave me that extra boost to get myself a better job, seeing this definitely has!

    Love you xxxx

  6. Love. I'm obsessed with big rings. They just can't make them too vulgar for me :) enjoy x

  7. amazing! can't believe it was so reasonable either!

    j xx


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