November 02, 2011

Viva Irish: Bog Standard

We're back with another Viva Irish post and, this time, it's on Bog Standard, an Irish gift wear company.  Throughout her travels in Ireland, creator and founder Alix Mulholland noticed a shortage of style-conscious home fragrance products that were locally sourced. Mulholland capitalised upon this gap in the market to produce a range of stylish and quirky Irish giftware that is sold across Ireland, the UK and the USA.

We got a selection of the range to try out and introduce you to, including the signature fragranced candles, hand soap and hand cream and scented drawer sachets!

Sinéad: I tried out the Irish Linen Luxury Handwash. I'm not really sure what more I can say about a soap except that this one smells absolutely divine, is really moisturising and doesn't leave my hands feeling tight and dry as many washes have a tendency to do. This, along with the Luxury Hand Cream, would be a lovely addition to a guest bathroom as they look and feel rather fancy and impressive!

Dee: I've been keeping the handcream beside my bed, and have been loving it. The scent is lovely and not too overpowering, and it soaks in quickly. The pump is also dead handy. You get plenty in the bottle and it looks nice and fancy. I'd recommend this to anyone, and it's also a great idea for a gift.

We're both absolute candle obsessives, Yankee being our ultimate favourite. However, these Bog Standard scented candles give Yankee a good run for their money! The scents are light and not in the least bit overpowering or nauseating as many scented candles can become with prolonged burning. The simple clear glass jars and white candles mean that these candles could fit into any room with any décor and not look out of place. They actually smell really great even when not burning so you can leave them out to softly perfume your abode!

These scented drawer sachets are some of the cutest, most amazingly kitsch things we've ever seen and we're kind of obsessed. The Irish Winter sachet smells decidedly Christmassy while the Irish Field sachet is incredibly fresh and clean without being too "grassy". Happily, they don't stink your clothes or shoes out, rather just scent the air in the closet/drawer they are in. These would make the perfect, thoughtful present for someone moving into a new home and would be appreciated by people of almost any age. 

We couldn't post on Bog Standard without a nod to the beautiful packaging and incredible attention to detail. All products come wrapped in pretty pink polka-dot cellophane and the bottles are adorned with a pink stamped dog tag. Even the notepaper Alix uses carries the polka dot and pink theme that just makes you want to smile! 

Bog Standard is, admittedly, on the pricier end of the spectrum for homewares but, you are paying for that lovely and special boutique-y feel to the products. Each and every one of these products would make a beautiful housewarming gift or Christmas stocking stuffer with an Irish twist!


  1. Why on earth are their prices in sterling? I've just had a root around their .ie website and am pleasantly surprised at the cost. x

  2. Not sure, I know the company base is in Down so maybe that's why! Its all available in Kilkenny Design anywhoozles! x


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