November 21, 2011

Top 5: Nail Polishes

I was going to do a Top 5 Lipsticks post today but, then I realised that they would mainly be MAC. So, I decided I would do my Top 5 Nail Polishes and you can let me know if you would like to see my choice of lipsticks, even if they are all from the same brand!

Now, I have quite a large nail polish collection so, whittling it down to just 5 favourites was no mean feat but, I think I have a good selection here! I'll include links to any posts I have wearing these shades!

Chanel Particuliére: Of all the Chanel polishes I have, this remains the stand out favourite. The colour, a muddy grey-brown, the consistency and the longevity are all spectacular. Most Chanel polishes wear terribly and don't live up to the high price point (Yes, I still buy them regardless!) but, Particuliére is worth the €21.50 and more in my opinion.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Red Zin: I have an entire post dedicated to this polish so, I won't witter on about it too much here! It is my perfect red nail polish and it is the only shade I have ever been known to remove after a week of wear and reapply. L-O-V-E.

Essie Ballet Slippers: This is possibly the best nude polish I own. I love Essie's formulation and Ballet Slippers is one of those cult shades that gets a lot of love in the beauty blogosphere and on YouTube. It's a pale, milky pink that just makes hands and nails look lovely and clean and ladylike. Ooh err!

OPI Russian Navy: It was a toss up between this and Chapel of Love from the same brand but, this won purely because it is more season-appropriate than the latter! Russian Navy is a really rich navy with royal blue shimmer throughout. It almost verging on black but, when it catches the light it's really something special.

China Glaze Pink Voltage: Not very seasonal but, I adore this nail polish! It's a true neon pink in a cream formulation that just brightens up any look. I loved wearing it on my toes during the summer but, it looks great on fingernails too, especially when wearing all black!

Let me know your favourite nail polish!


  1. My two standouts are Leighton Denny Pillow Talk and Revlon Facets of Fuchsia :)

  2. Love your top 5! I've being lemming both Particulire and Ballet Slippers for a while....think I'm going to have to get them soon enough! It's so hard to decide favourites especially when I'm not in front of my nail varnish but Catrice's It Blue Me Away and Chanel's Peridot are definitely up near the top! x

  3. My two favourite polishes are Barry M's Dusky Mauve and Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Commander in Chic (which I actually won from you guys).

  4. My top polishes :

    - Rose caché from Chanel
    - Rouge carat from Chanel ( les Scintillances, Holiday 2011 )
    - Schiap from NARS
    - Rouge andalou from NARS
    - Ballerina Pink from Estée Lauder


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