November 05, 2011

Top 5: Blushes

A while ago I did a weekly series where I gave you a rundown on my embarrassingly large MAC collection. The post on all my blushes and cheek products got a lot of interest so, I've decided to let you on on my favourite five blushes of the moment! Granted, most of them are MAC but, there are a few others in there for good measure!

MAC Prism: I’ve spoken about my love for this blush before. It is undying. I’m not sure what it is that has me so enamoured with it but, this is a longstanding love affair that I don’t see ending any time soon. The colour is rather uninspiring in the pan. A muted, dusky rose-beige that looks like it would barely show up on skin. However, it gives an amazing “lit from within” effect that makes you looks glowy and healthy without looking obviously like you’re wearing make-up. I’ve been known to wear this on days where I’m wearing no other make-up as a quick and simple pick me up!

NARS Orgasm: Ahhh. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love this blush? Probably but, it’s still a very lovely blush and there is a reason why it is so revered in the beauty blogosphere. A peachy pink base with oodles of subtle rose gold shimmer, you won’t be disappointed by the just-back-from-holidays-and-no-I-didn’t-tan-I-just-got-a-healthy-colour effect this has on skin. For a powder, it looks remarkably dewy when applied and a little goes a long way so, don’t overdo it!

MAC Melba: It’s peach. It’s bright. It’s satiny. This blush is absolutely divine. I usually wear this to death during the summer months because it is so fun and, well, summery! It looks exactly like the inside of a ripe peach and looks lovely on pale skintones. I’d say it could look quite chalky on more olive or tanned skins but, for most Irish lasses it’s the perfect something special to brighten up a simple make-up look. I also haven’t seen another perfect dupe for this so, it’s quite unique.

Sleek Suede: This is MAC Prism 2.0 which is probably why I love it. From the recent (and still-available) Nude collection, Sleek Suede is a warmer version of Prism but, with the same rose-beige colouring. There isn’t much I can say about this that I haven’t said about Prism but, I have been wearing it Monday-Friday for the last month or so and I often catch myself admiring how it looks throughout the day. Oh, and for €8, it’s much more appealing than the €18 for MAC’s offering!

MAC Dollymix: If ever a blush needed a light hand and copious blending, this is it. But, the results are well worth the hassle. While it is shockingly pink in the pan, it blends out to a gorgeous natural looking flush. It’s probably not one for anyone who suffers with excessive redness however as it would just serve to intensify this. I use this a lot in winter to give a swift kick to my, often deathly, pallor.

What's your favourite blush?


  1. Prism looks really nice, will have a look next time I'm at MAC! :)


  2. I love blusher! MAC Prism looks lovely, might see if I can get hold of Sleek Suede though! xx

  3. Would you be able to recommend a good plum blush? Not a deep plum but a bright plum! If that exists.

  4. i sooo need the nars blusher! xoxo

  5. I love my Sleek Suede and Rosegold and benefit Bellabamba :)

  6. I really don't like Nars Orgasm because I find it's too shimmery. My favourite is one of Benefit's ones, maybe Hoola (or Poppy?) I can't remember!

  7. I love " Espiègle " or " Rose Ecrin " from Chanel ( I'am French ), but I do love " Well Dressed ", " Dollymix ", " Frankly Scarlet " among others from M.A.C and " Angelika " or " Douceur " from NARS, " Lyon " from Cargo and all powders from Benefit, esp. " Bella Bamba", " Dallas " or the new and beautiful " Hervana ". In fact I have a lot of powders, highlighters and blushers ! Now I'd like to try " Tourmaline " from Armani, it looks very nice.


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