November 02, 2011

New! Vaseline Essential Range

As beauty bloggers, we're exposed to all kinds of products at all kinds of price points and, yet, sometimes it's the simplest ones that excite us the most. When we heard that the Vaseline Essential range had gotten a bit of a makeover, we were dying to see what they had in store.

Vaseline has worked to develop something fancy called Stratys-3 technology that works to offer 3-stages of deep moisturisation that will adapt to everyone's unique skin type. Each of the three new body creams; Essential Moisture, Aloe Fresh and Cocoa Radiant absorb quickly to give softer, healthier looking skin.

Read on for an overview of each of the new body creams!

Aloe Fresh (400ml) is the lightest-feeling lotion in the trio. The scent is really fresh and pleasant and not at all like the "traditional" Vaseline body creams. Happily, it reminds me of holidays as it smells a bit like aftersun so, it's a nice little pick-me-up for these crappy winter days!

Essential Moisture (400ml) contains oat extract that nourishes and softens skin without leaving a greasy film. This one smell the most like the Vaseline lotions of yore but, in a much lighter way. This would probably be the best lotion for oily skins as it is targeted as leaving the least amount of excess residue on your skin.

Cocoa Radiant (200ml) is the richest of the three lotions and aims to leave skin with a healthy glow. With pure cocoa butter, it smells deliciously like chocolate. I actually thought that this was going to be a tinted body cream monstrosity at first but, I'm chuffed that it's not as it is a seriously amazing deep moisturiser!

Will you be tempted to try some of Vaseline Essential's new and improved lotions?


  1. I am loving the cocoa glow in these winter months and the smell is so yummy! :D

  2. I wanna try the cocoa radient one! liking the sound of chocolate smellingness! :)


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