November 24, 2011

My New Favourite Lip Combo

As I'm a massive fan of bold colours when it comes to make-up, an 'everyday' look is something that I actually struggle with more than a complicated going-out one. I don't do 'muted' very well, and nude lips don't suit me, as mine are naturally very pigmented.

For college, this lip combination is perfect, as there's plenty of colour and the balm looks after my lips so it's not as harsh as wearing a lipstick every single day. I usually put on two layers of the lip and cheek stain (best one out there IMO) and then finish with the balm, which I top up a lot during the day - it's delicious and I love the tin.

I usually pair this with a goldy-brown eye and a slick of mascara and flicked liner if I have time. I'd recommend this pairing to anyone, as I think it'd suit most people.

What's your favourite makeup for everyday?

1 comment:

  1. Your brows are lovely.
    I *have* to fill in my brows every morning.
    Mine are sad....


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