November 25, 2011

MAC MSFN: Powder of the Gods

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time at all, you'll be aware of my undying love for MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder. I love this powder so much that, if I could save just one product in the entire world from being discontinued, this would be it.

It probably seems a bit ridiculous to be so incredibly attached and protective of a face powder but, I firmly believe that, once you use this, you'll feel the same way! I know I've recommended this to a good few of you over the last year and you've all come back saying how much you like it so, I think that's evidence in itself that it's not just me!

The reasons why this powder tops my list are endless. I'd say you could count on one hand the make-up looks I have posted on here where I have not been wearing this powder. It's a staple in my collection and I always have a back-up ready to go so I don't have to be without it even for a few days when one runs out. Let me tell you why this love affair has lasted the guts of three years.

1. It's the perfect setting powder as it is a finely milled, light mineral powder. I buff this in with a MAC 182 kabuki brush and it keeps my foundation in place all day without looking cakey.

2. It has excellent coverage and it doubles as my foundation during the week. I don't like to wear proper foundation to work as my skin is reasonably good and, frankly, I don't have time to fuss with full-coverage products early in the morning. Buffing this in to moisturised skin conceals any blemishes or redness and helps me look alive and presentable!

3. It feels light which is really important to me. I hate make-up products that I can actually feel sitting on my skin. I don't like full-coverage products that weigh heavy on my face and I like feeling that my skin can breathe beneath the warpaint.

4. It's a mineral powder and so is, marginally, better for skin than other make-up. At least, that's what I tell myself!

5. It's the best value for money make-up product I have ever come across. For €26.50 you get a whopping 10g of product. This may seem like a lot of money at the outset but, one of these babies will last you forever. For example, the empty one you see above was bought in March of this year and I'll probably get to the end of November with it before I have to dip into my new one and that's with using it almost every day. So, that's 9 months for €26.50 or, a rather reasonable, €2.94 per month!

6. It suits almost all skin types which is rare for one product to achieve. I have normal skin and I love this. Dee bought it after I wouldn't stop banging on about it and she loves it for her oily skin. One of my sisters has quite dry skin and she swears by this while the other has combination skin and she's equally as besotted with it. 

7. There is a great shade range with the spectrum ranging from Light (NC15-ish skin like mine) to Deep Dark. Since there is no numbering system to speak of it can be hard to understand and colourmatch shades like Medium Plus to yourself so, it's best to ask a MAC artist to help you choose. Unless, of course, you're like myself and Dee and are always the palest shade!

8. It's multi-purpose, well, kind of. If you plump for a darker shade as well as that which suits you, you will have the perfect contouring shade for your skintone. I'm the shade Light and when I got my make-up done in MAC for my graduation, the MUA used the MSFN in Medium Plus to contour and it looked incredibly natural and subtle.

Have you tried MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural? Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. Ahh a love of mine aswell!! I have gone through about 4 of the 'Light' powders in my time, was just thinking the last day I need to buy my next fix for when the time comes for my current one to die.

  2. I love it too! I was nearly sure that it was 36.50 when I bought it, just last month. x

  3. Nope, just checked my receipt from the 8th of this month and it's €26.50! x

  4. Oh, you're right! I'd been adding it up wrong. That's brilliant! x

  5. love it, word is the shades are being renamed and some may be discontinued!they had no light in the airport mac store earlier today!Áine

  6. Ok I'm gonna buy one probs! Do you think it's worth getting just as a setting powder or would you recommend something else?


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