November 24, 2011

Lush Moon and Sun Steamer Tabs

I have always been pretty lucky with my skin. I never had acne, never had a massive breakout. I've never even had one of those spots-that-are-so-bad-that-I-can't-possibly-go-out-in-public-until-it's-gone. Nope, I've been lucky with my skin and I appreciate it beyond words could ever explain.

However, lately my skin has been rebelling and seems to be having the strop it never had in my teens. I haven't changed my diet, hair products, make-up or skincare so, all I can assume is that it's reacting to environmental factors like the change in season. The main issue is the explosion of little bumps across my forehead. Some of them do come to fruition as whiteheads (Bleugh!) but, most just reside under the surface, impervious to any treatment and making my skin look uneven and uncared for. A few of the more daring ones have actually become fully-fledged pimples which I am not happy about.

So, to cut a long moan short, I asked on Twitter if anyone had any ideas or suggestions for how to deal with my out-of-character skin and, while I got a lot of great replies, one of the most popular ones was to steam my face to purge any of the toxins sitting beneath the skin. This seemed a bit like fate I had just received the new LUSH Moon and Sun Steamer Tabs (€3.15) to try out and, so, I set about  creating a mini-spa in my kitchen!

All you need to use any of LUSH's Steamer Tabs is a towel, a bowl of hot water and the tab itself. I used boiling water but, you can dilute this with cold water from the tap if you don't think you could stand the heat under the towel; just make sure there is still steam rising from the bowl. Drop the Tab in the water and allow it to effervesce and, once the fizzing has subsided, place the towel over your head, lean over the milky water and relax! 

Moon and Sun Steamer Tab contains Neroli Oil to lift your mood and lavender oil to balance and sooth the skin which, quite obviously, is what I need! There are also lavender flowers encased in the Tab which are what you can see floating in the third picture above.

I love the scent of lavender so, being ensconced under a towel for 10 minutes and inhaling lavender-laden steam was quite lovely. At first I thought my face was sweating profusely but, once I had finished my steam and started to wipe my skin, I realised it was actually just the infused steam settling on my skin.

Post-steam I used a very gentle cleanser to remove any gunk in my newly opened pores. Before even applying my usual moisturiser, I could feel how soft the steam had made my skin and how smooth it felt. Even the bumps on my forehead felt and looked reduced and less prominent.

After one steam, I'm impressed. Although my skin isn't drastically improved, I feel the steam will continue to work from the inside out over the next few days. I have another Moon and Sun Tab so, will definitely be saving that up for when my skin rebels the next time to soothe and calm it.

I'm trying a few new skincare products at the moment to try and restore my skin to its former glory so, once that happens (fingers crossed!) I will update you all on what worked and what didn't.

Have you ever steamed your face?


  1. These sound really great, I haven't steamed my face for years! Might have to have a go at the weekend. xx

  2. I haven't streamed my face in years but might give these a whirl as my skin is acting strangely at the moment too (though in my case it's a reaction to the Superdrug Vit E Cleanser).


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