November 28, 2011

LUSH Friends With Benefits Massage Bar

I’m a long-time fan of LUSH’s massage bars. Not really having a decent bath to speak of in my house, I can’t make use of the brand’s famous Bubble Bars, Bath Melts and Bombs so, I have always tried to sample products that are off the beaten track and not widely talked about in the online sphere. So, I was chuffed to say the least when some new products from the brand landed with us and the new massage bar, Friends With Benefits (€8.70), was included in the bunch.

One of two new massage bars- the other being Peace which Dee has and I’m sure she’ll update you all on soon, Friends With Benefits contains healing essential oils from African marigolds and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter which combine to create an extremely nourishing bar that smells remarkably and deliciously like chocolate orange.

Now, a word on the “massage” aspect of these bars. My boyfriend Kev is a sports rehabilitator and so, massage is part of his qualification. Seeing as I’m always injured and sore from the gym and spending hours hunched over the computer, he’s handy to have around in this respect but, he doesn’t like using these bars for massage as he says they just don't do as good a job of eliminating friction between the skin and hands as a normal oil i.e. grapeseed, does. 

However, as a body moisturiser, LUSH massage bars come very close to topping my list. They are solid with the same texture and consistency as a bar of soap. The heat from your skin melts the bar slightly, allowing all the oils and other goodness to penetrate your skin. I usually rub the bar up the length of my legs/arms and then use my hands to rub the transferred product in.

Friends With Benefits is an especially oily massage bar which I like as it works well on the dry eczema patches I suffer with during the winter but, a lot of the brand's other bars are much dry and have more specific uses i.e. Therapy is good for treating stretch marks.

With daily use, sometimes twice daily, I find that one of these bars lasts about two months which, for €8.70, I think is a really good deal. They can be a bit slippery to work with as they soften from the heat of your hands but, a quick swipe on the limb you want to treat and then setting the bar down as you rub it in usually prevents losing the bar to the fluff of your carpet!

What's your favourite LUSH massage bar?


  1. I agree, it doesn't really work as massage bar, I even don't find it pleasant to use after showering (I too belong to the pitiful population of non-bath owners) so I actually use it mainly for my hands at night, because it smells really nice :) But other than that: my passionate love for Weleda body oils is unrelenting!

    But I am very curious about the new DreamSteamer tabs, I always have to do a lot of steaming in wintertime because of my sinuses always acting up, and I think it would be great to spend steaming time with something else but a hand full of camomille for a change :D

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  4. Thanks a lot for sharing this very insightful review. Glad to have read over on this one.I like this bar.


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