November 16, 2011

Knit One, Purl Two...

Gold star for any of you who can remember where the song I used in the title is from!
Hint: 90s TV Show

River Island were having a 20% off student discount today throughout the store and I picked up two gorgeous knits for the winter weather. 

Usually, I can't stand River Island due to their apparent need to embellish everything with sequins, diamantés and studs but, this season it's not all bad and their knitwear section is especially worth a look.

This first piece caught my eye due primarily to the shape but, also for the fact that it's shearling. I love shearling! I also adore the thick cable knit sleeves which make it super cosy. I got this in a small and it fits like a glove and there is also a really cute toggle at the back of the cardigan that can make it more tailored but, open or closed, it's gorgeous!

This was priced at €60 and came in at €48 with the discount. One thing I will always say in favour of River Island is that their conversions from sterling to euro are generally a lot more favourable than some other high street stores (Yes, Topshop, I'm looking at you.). This cardigan is £45 online which converts to €51 so a €9 difference. Not great but, not terrible.

I had a bit of a "Will I, Won't I" moment about whether I would even try this next knit on. I loved the look of it but, I'm always wary of baggy pieces on me as I have a big chest and I feel like they kind of skim over my bewbs (as Sarah would say!) and (a) make me look like I am wearing a tent and (b) make me look bigger overall than I really am.

However, I picked it up in a size 8 and it's actually perfect. The small size means that it's not ridiculously baggy while it still maintains it's intended loose shape. This is meant to be a jumper dress but, none of the sizes were long enough, in my opinion, to actually get away with this and only tights underneath. Leggings yes, hosiery no.

I really like fairisle jumpers. They kind of whisper "Christmastime" to me as I walk by so, I'm glad to actually have one that I like and that isn't completely limited to Santa season with reindeer or snowflakes patterned into it (Though I would like one of them too, please!). This was also €60 so, €48 with the discount.

What I really went to River Island today for was a pair of boots to give my sister Aisling for her 18th birthday next month. She picked them herself so, I'm safe to show you them here! I think they're really cool and look far more expensive than their €100 price tag (€80 less the 20%) would have you believe. The conversion on these wasn't so great as they are £75 online which should be €86 but, as I said, they were priced at €100. Rip. Off.

So, that's my lot. The boots will now be stowed away in my wardrobe until the 29th December and the knits will be suitably worn to death!


  1. Woo Sabrina reference! Hilda I think?

  2. BEWBIES! I love those boots.


  3. Oh oh oh the boots..... the boots, I need the boots...

  4. Yay! I love getting gold stars! I feel special now :)

  5. My friend got the same coat/cardigan as you did in the first pic-its lovely! and love the boots they're amazing xx


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