November 28, 2011

Dee's New Boots

I love purchases like this: substantial winter staples that you know you will wear over and over again. Sadly, winter coats and boots are the items that I am most fussy over, and, consequentially, are the hardest for me to shop for.

I love a good pair of boots, and am planning on wearing these all winter on rotation with my Docs and Henry Holland lace-up boots from last year. I thought I'd left Buffalo behind with my teenage years, but their section in Arnotts is actually really impressive. I got 20% off these on Saturday (the discount applied to everything instore that day), so they came in at €74 - decent!

They're a tough-wearing pair of ankle boots with a plethora of studs and straps - just what I love! They go with pretty much all of my clothes, and cut off at just the right part of the leg for me. I often find it hard to find a pair of boots that don't make my legs look super-stumpy, so am really happy with these!


  1. WOW love these boots, have been trying to find some exactly like these but none have caught my eye so thanks!! xx

  2. I want these so much! Health to wear lady!

  3. Oh they're gorgeous, anything with studs gets my vote! I got a pair of studded ones in a shoe shop here last year, they look better the older they get, LOVE boots (all year round!). Gorgeous x

  4. OO these are gorgeous!



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