June 14, 2012

Cheap Tricks: Beauty Tips that Won't Break the Bank

As a beauty blogger, it can be easy to get caught up with all of the latest releases from big brands such as YSL, Chanel, MAC, Laura Mercier and their ilk. While I am obsessed with observing trends and predicting the next big things beauty-wise, a lot of what we see launch-wise is simply unrealistic and unattainable for the average Irish woman.

I get a lot of stuff for free, which I am seriously grateful for, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to tell all of you guys to rush out and buy everything that I try. It's not all fantastic, and I'd be doing a terrible job if I didn't review things honestly and impartially. If you can't afford to run out and grab everything from the newest MAC collection, that shouldn't mean that you can't still look and feel great. So, in light of how broke most of us are these days, here are a few tips and tricks that cost very little.

A quick warning: These are fairly haphazard and I in no way claim to have come up with all of these myself, in fact, some are fairly obvious. The following tips are simply things that I've picked up over the years from friends, family and other bloggers, that work well for moi!

The Random: Try it and you won't look back!

  • Your hairdryer is a great tool for various jobs. If you have a concealer or cream blush that is just a little too dense to work with easily (for me, this is MAC Studio Finish concealer), try blasting the product with a hairdryer to make it more malleable. Works a treat! Also, if you love curly hair but find that they won't last for you, give pin-curling a go, and blast the curls with your dryer to help set them.

  • If you're prone to getting spots on your back and shoulders (otherwise known as bacne, yum), make sure that you rinse those areas really well at the end of your shower. Residue from shampoo, conditioner and shower gel can often remain there without you realising,

  • This next tip is one that I haven't tried in a good while, simply because I'm more prone to use a quick-drying top coat or OPI Drip Dry on my nails these days. However, if you don't have either of these to hand and need your mani to dry ASAP, cold water on wet nails can work a treat to seal your varnish and help it dry. Either run your fingers under the cold tap or soak them in a basin - I know it sounds weird, but it does help!

  • Would you believe that I picked up the following tip after reading in Smash Hits that Samantha Mumba did it? I was a cool kid. Anyway, Ms Mumba insists that when applying moisturiser, you should always pat it in and never pull or drag the skin down when rubbing it in. The same goes for drying your face after washing it - always pat it dry, as it feels nicer and is less harsh on the face.

The Obvious: Do This if You Don't Already

  • The number one, most obvious beauty tip is to look after yourself from the inside out. Drink as much water as possible and eat your fruit and veg, and your skin, nails and hair will all thank you for it. A decent multivitamin is also an absolute must, and they aren't too dear either - I like the Boots own brand hair, skin and nails supplement.

  • When it comes to skincare, consistency really is key. I know that we've all heard this a million times, but owning a ton of amazing skincare products will honestly do you no good unless you establish a good, regular routine with them. Make sure to include an exfoliant, SPF and face mask, so that you have all your bases covered. Ditch the face wipes, too, and get yourself a decent cleanser - I promise, this will help your skin more than you could imagine!

  • I read this on the back of a shampoo bottle years ago, and I'm pretty sure that most of us do this the odd time - after washing and conditioning your hair, give it a good rinse with cold water. As cold as you can muster! Apparently, it seals the cuticles in your hair and makes it shinier. Worth a go, at least!

  • Do your homework and research products online rather than just wandering aimlessly into Boots. This way, you'll be a lot less vulnerable to any pushy salespeople. Arm yourself with a list of what you need and stick to it (that's not to say that I always practice what I preach!). I do still impulse buy sometimes, but for the most part I read a lot of online reviews before buying skincare and make-up, especially if it's high-end. I'm left with a lot less disappointments this way, so do your research!

I hope that this helps you in some small way, and if you have any other bizarre tips, comment below and share them!


  1. I am soo trying that cold water nail tip! Ive never heard of it before

  2. if you ever overplucked your eyebrows (I did when I was a teenager, I looked so obnoxious!) in the past OR want longer eyelashes, put some vaseline on them. Vaseline stimulates hair growth :)

  3. When applying your skin care products i.e Cleanser , Toner or Exfoliator apply them in upward circles/movements as this action help you to push the dirt out of your skin as when you push down your pushing the oil/sebum deeper into your skin

  4. Seriously great post :) I use olive oil as a hair treatment! Its cheap cheerful and natural! I just heat some up in a cup on a low heat for around 20 seconds in the microwave apply it to dry hair, leave in for 30 mins to an hour with a shower cap on and then wash out. The trick when washing it out is to apply the shampoo to the olive oil and lather it. It takes around 3 rinses after that but it leaves you with really silky conditioned hair!

    Emma xo

  5. Really great post.. Your so right about buying loads of skin care products, no use in having them all and having no routine.. The nail varnish trick defo works, i do it all the time!!!

  6. Thank you. I find beauty products becoming more and more expensive lately, so this was a nice change of pace.

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