November 07, 2011

Broadway imPress Press On Manicure

I should probably preface this post by stating that I do not like fake nails at all. Whether they be gel, acrylic or glued-on, I don't like how they look, how they feel or how they destroy your nails. That being said, when these press on nails from fake nail king Broadway landed with us, I was intrigued to see how they differ, if at all, from the standard false nails that I despise. Chances are I will be hypercritical in this review because of my general disdain for nail enhancements but, at least you can be sure that my verdict is 100% thought out and reliable!

So, with that out of the way, allow me to introduce you to imPress Press On Manicure, marketed as an easy and inexpensive way to keep up with the latest nail trends. The packaging on these is great; a clear plastic replica of a nail polish bottle. I will admit that I struggled with opening it for the first two ten minutes but, it turns out you simply just pull the black top off and the clear compartment flips open. D'oh.

imPress kits start at €7.99 for block colours and go up to €9.99 for patterned and French manicure styles. There is a choice of 11 colours and patterns that will, apparently, last up to a week on your fingers. Each pack contains 24 false nails in 12 sizes and a cleansing wipe to remove any excess oil or grime from your natural nails before application.

If you're lucky, you could get two applications out of each packet, assuming the nail sizes suit you. I suppose this would be an appropriate point to voice my first gripe. The nails are relatively short. I have short nail beds and short nails but, even still, I had to file some of my nails down so that they didn't poke over the top of the falsies (I toyed with leaving a gap at the cuticle but, it just looked ridiculous!). Anyone blessed with long nail beds or long talons will struggle to use these neatly without a drastic cut and file!

Application is a doddle and these could well be the answer for those of us who struggle with nail art and applying nail wraps. The nails are glue-free which gets a big thumbs up from me. Instead they have a tab on the back which you peel off to reveal a tacky gum. Once you size up all 10 nails, pull the tab off and press down for a few seconds. Simples.

I'll hold my hands up at this point and say that they do look awesome once applied. I used the nails in Space Cadet, a kind of dalmation-esque print with a multi-coloured glitter topcoat. As someone who is really particular about looking neat and tidy and uniform, I love how all the nails look the same. Turning my hands over though, a little bit of my disdain creeps back as these are, very clearly, plastic nails. It's just not a look that I favour but, because I love the front view so much, I can overlook it for the first time ever.

Because they are nail enhancements, albeit a new breed, they feel like all others I have tried once they are pressed into place. My nails feel almost heavy and the bond must be quite strong as my nail beds feel tight. Plus side is that these won't be flicking off when you try and open a can of Coke. Downside is that they take some getting used to in order to complete everyday tasks. For example, I now have to type with the pads of my fingers as opposed to the tips and I'm not half as quick on my iPhone as I usually am.

Removal of falsies is usually where nails get mangled but, a swipe of nail polish remover around the edges of these will have them lift off easily and with no damage done to the natural nail underneath.

Easy to apply
Easy to remove
Relatively cheap
Awesome styles
No glue, no damage
Good wear time (I've had mine on for three days now and they aren't budging!)

Won't be long enough for everyone
Take some getting used to

So, overall, it's a Space Cadet-clad thumbs up from me. I wouldn't be wearing these all the time and, definitely not to work where I type a lot but, for Christmas parties, special occasions or just a quick pick-me-up, imPress nails are a winner. Oh, and Nicole Scherzinger is a fan if that influences you at all?!


  1. I love the look of these so will definitely be buying a pack or two to try.

  2. Mmmmm... I'm gonna say no. Good review though! ;)

  3. They look good, but I have long nails so they will be a no no for me xoxo

  4. Oooh I like the look of these :D I'll admit, I do like falsies on my nails, but after a horrific experience with acrylics where I picked them off out of sheer laziness instead of having them soaked off, I have spent the past year nearly working on rebuilding the natural strength of my nails, and encouraging them to grown on their own - whcih they do very well (yay!) These definitely look like something I'd pick up for special occasions or a pick me up like you said. I'm trying to get into nail art, but haven't had the time recently to give it a good shot, so it definitely looks like an easy option for fancy nails.

    As always, thank you for being so brilliant girlies! Mwah x

    Steph xxx

  5. im gonna try them.....lets see how it works out :)

  6. This was a first for me...I have never tried false nails. They are great. Will buy more.

  7. Thanks for the review. Any idea how long the last (really last)?

  8. these are great easy to use and great for cutting anf fiking i recomend this A LOT

  9. I think there nice and easy to use but a little expensive


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