October 21, 2011

Winter Series: Lip Service

So far in our Winter Series we've touched a lot on skincare and make-up trends for the chilly season so, today we're going to be looking at some products to protect your lips and to treat dry and cracked skin and lips.

Beauty Emporium sent us three top lip products for winter to try out and introduce you to and we also thought that they would be perfect to include in
this series!

Sinéad: I suffer terribly with chapped and cracked lips as soon as it gets in anyway cold. Combine that with my obsession with lip balm (Can't go to sleep without it!) and you're guaranteed to see me constantly applying and reapplying lip products throughout the winter months.

I was instantly drawn to Smith's Rosebud Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm because of the cute, vintage-inspired packaging. It reminded me of something my nana would have had sitting on her dressing table 20 years ago (I feel so old!) and the nostalgic in me wanted to review it.

Now, I love menthol. I think there is something so weirdly satisfying about how cooling it is when applied to irritated skin and Smith's offering is no different to Tiger Balm or anything I have tried in the past. I have literally been using this balm on everything from my lips in the morning and at night, to itchy and annoying eczema and it is so incredibly soothing and calming.

The scent is really light, not overwhelming as some menthol products can be. I would say this will be an absolute lifesaver come the middle of December and our noses are red raw with the cold and from blowing them during the obligatory winter cold. Until then, I'll keep using it as a lip treatment but, for only €8.10 I would definitely suggest taking precautionary measures and stocking up!

Dee: EOS lip balm is a cult product that Sinéad has already fallen in love with, but I only had the pleasure of trying out recently when Beauty Emporium sent us out this one in the Medicated Tangerine flavour. Well, I'm now officially on the bandwagon! This stuff is feckin' fantastic.

Whilst I still wouldn't consider EOS to be the most nourishing or rejuvenating lip balm out there, there is something so satisfying about applying this - and there is an extra bit of kick in this flavour, making it perfect for winter.

I've been keeping this in my pencil case (yes, at 22 I still possess a pencil case) and have also been using it to prep my lips before lipstick. Perfection!

Finally, I've also been putting Smith's Rosebud Salve through its paces. It's a pinky-coloured salve - I'd liken its consistency to Carmex - that claims to do all sorts of wonders for your lips. I've seen this before in American Apparel (next to the Sharpies - that company continues to mystify and disgust me) and have always wanted it, purely because of the pretty vintage-style tube.

Because this is a petroleum-based product, I wasn't sure how effective it would be at actually improving the state of my lips, rather than just acting as a barrier against the cold.
I set to using it at night before bed, and I think it does actually nourish and soften due to the essential oils. It's a nice, gentle, unoffensive balm and I really love it!

What's your lip balm of choice for this season?


  1. I've got one of these posts planned for next week, none of our products are the same though - swear ;) THANK GOD you didn't mention Vaseline. I die a bit when Vaseline is mentioned in posts! x

  2. How much is that lovely looking rosebud salve? I am in the market for a new lip protecting balm :)

  3. I have one of those EOS lip balms (not that flavour though)I love it.

  4. Ahh I LOVE lip balms. However, my favourite is L'Occitane's and at seven pounds a tube, I really feel I can't, and shouldn't buy anymore. I also have a Burt's Bees lipbalm in my drawer. I did however purchase a tube of cherry carmex, pureply for a little extra lip loving during the winter - that and it was half price in Superdrug.

    Steph x

  5. @Carolo It's 8.10

  6. Thanks Dee! That settles it; I am definitely investing!


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