October 25, 2011

MAC Lovin'

We all enjoy a bit of MAC, right? These are a some things that I've picked up over the last few weeks and have really been loving.

First up, I needed a replacement MSFN powder. These are the greatest invention of all time. It was Sinéad who turned me on to this powder, and for that I will be forever in debt to her!
I was worried that it wouldn't be mattifying enough for my skin, but it definitely is. If you're a die-hard Studio Fix powder girl, try this for a less cakey finish. I love the dome-shape, and one of these will last you a couple of months at least. An absolute essential!

I also got a blusher in the shade Fleur Power. Would you believe that this is only my second MAC blush? I know, I'm so good. The colour is fantastic - a mid-tone pink with a hint of coral.

I also finally got my hands on a bottle of Fix+, albeit a mini one. I figured that if I like it enough, I'll buy the big one and decant some into this baby bottle for my handbag. Clever or wha'? I do like it so far, but I am by no stretch of the imagination addicted as some bloggers claim to be!

MAC lipsticks are extremely precious to both of us, and I knew I had to pick up Violetta after seeing how amazing it looked on Sinéad.
I then made an accidental return trip to get Show Orchid - a beautiful, bright, blue-toned pink. Both are limited edition as part of the MAC Fall Colour Collection, so get 'em while you can! Alternatively, they're both also Pro colours so you could pick them up if you're lucky enough to be near a Pro store.

PS - I can't remember off the top of my head how much these products were individually - but if you need to know the price of pretty much anything MAC, check Sinéad's MAC Price list!


  1. Dee your comment about this being only your second blush from MAC made me laugh :) Can I request a FOTD with Show Orchid please? xx

  2. Love everything you got :)
    Sinead also converted me to MSFN and it really is the best thing ever, have Fleur power&it's such a nice blush... xox

  3. I got show orchid a couple of years ago and I love it .. It's flashy and in yo face

  4. @Simone Ha, I'm so good amn't I?! So good that I deserve an entire palette of MAC blushes. Will do re FOTD!

    @Andres Ahh it's so good, and Fleur Power is so pretty!

    @actionmags and that's why we love it! I feel like an X factor contestant with it on, heehee!


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