October 02, 2011

Tutorial: Purple Haze

Over the past year, a lot of you have been asking that we start doing video tutorials for some of the make-up looks we post. While that is definitely something we hope to do, and soon, it's more complicated than you might think to film yourself doing make-up so, I'm going to try my hand at step-by-step photo eye looks for awhile first if that's okay with you ladies!

For some reason, I am always really drawn to purple eyeshadows yet, never really wear them because they require a lot more thought than neutrals do. However, I've recently started constructing eye looks based on similar shade undertones, as opposed to going for the most obvious colour combinations, and it has made using brights pretty foolproof. The two predominant shades I use in this tutorial are Parfait Amour (light purple) and Contrast (dark purple), both of which are by MAC and have blue undertones.

Using a flat shader brush (MAC 242), pack the light purple shade onto the lid, winging it out upwards and towards the brow bone at the outer corner.

Using a fluffy blending brush (MAC 224), blend upwards and through the crease to remove any harsh lines. Soften the winged out corner with the blending brush.

Open your eye and tilt your head back to find your natural crease. This is where you want to darken to add dimension and depth to the look.With your eye open and using a tapered crease brush (MAC 226), place the darker purple in your natural crease using a back and forth, windshield wiper motion. 

Blend this dark shade out with your fluffy brush. There should be no harsh lines between the two shades and it should fade gradually and naturally up towards your browbone.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the desired depth and darkness of colour is built up in the crease. Don't forget to blend between each crease application!

Taking a fluffy crease brush and some of the darker purple, apply this in a circular motion to the outer corner  to deepen this area even further. Blend lightly around the edges. Using a dense brush (MAC 214), line your lower lashline with the dark purple and blend this out too. Sorry for the fuzzy image!

As a final touch, use a small amount of the light purple on your flat shader brush to brighten the lid area if necessary. Fill in your brows (Mix of the bottom two shades in my HD Brows palette), apply your brow bone and inner corner highlight and line your upper lashline (Sleek Ink Pot in Dominatrix), winging it out and upwards towards the brows. A slick of mascara (Avon SuperSHOCK MAX) and black liner on the waterline (Avon SuperSHOCK Gel Eyeliner) completes the look! 

Hope you like this look and let me know what you think about the step-by-step tutorials, bearing in mind it's my first attempt!


  1. I love step by step tutorials esp when they're easy to understand, which this one is Sinéad, so I'm looking to forward to more in the future.

    I really like the purple shadows.

  2. this is perfect. Instructions are clear, the pics are incredibly helpful. Thank you! Will try this out tomorrow and see what the other mammies think...

  3. Thanks ladies, really appreciate it! S x


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