October 23, 2011

Sinéad's New Winter Boots

Since the end of August, I've been thinking about and looking for my perfect pair of winter boots. I've never really invested in any shoes for winter other than my annual pair of Ugg boots and, while I still love these for slouchy comfort, now that I am working I've wanted to invest in a pair of "proper" flat boots that will last forever, keep me warm and get better with age.

While out running errands with my mam yesterday, we popped into a local boutique called Pace because she was on the hunt for some high wedged ankle boots. She didn't find any that she was mad about but, I finally found my perfect winter boot, so perfect that it was nearly precisely what was in my head!

I knew I wanted black, real leather flat boots. They had to be riding-style as opposed to biker-style (This trend will date.), hit just above the knee and with no unnecessary embellishment. I've seen loads of celebrities over the last year wearing boots just like the ones I had in mind but, I sadly couldn't afford the thousands Kourtney Kardashian's Chanel boots (Picture after the jump!) would cost and, no high street shops seemed to tick all of the boxes. I'm picky, I know!

The boots I bought are by Marika and are made of Italian leather that is so unbelievably soft. They have a good heel, just enough so you don't look like a flat-footed duck and the only embellishment is two distressed silver chains running the length of the inside and outside of each boot.

They were a darn sight more expensive than I had anticipated, coming it at €285. However, they are something I will wear multiple times a week during winter and, given the amazing craftsmanship, will last for a long time.

To be honest, I'm kind of in love with them! They look amazing with skinny jeans, thick leggings and long jumpers and cardigans and, I'll definitely get my money's worth as they can be dressed up or down.

Have you ever invested in a pair of winter boots?

Kourtney's Chanel Boots


  1. Love these, I bought riding boots in Clarks and I am living in them! Make sure to buy some conditioning cream to give them a little TLC or some saddle soap if you live near an equestrian supplies shop!

  2. Thanks Chantelle, will definitely pick some up! x

  3. Love love love these, they are pretty much the exact kind of thing I have been looking for too! Except I really want some two toned ones like the Chanel boots... hmmmm.


  4. my new winter boots are going to be Russell and Bromley black riding boots- quite similiar looking to yours- plain and classic! Buying them next weekend :)

  5. Thanks Sarah! Topshop current season have Chanel rip-offs!

    Love Russel and Bromley Catherine!


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