October 24, 2011

Salt Therapy at Lemons Beauty Salon, Clontarf.

Last Friday after work, I hotfooted it to my local beauty salon, Lemons in Clontarf. Established in 1986, this is one of the longest standing beauty havens in the area and, under new management, the five treatment rooms have recently been revamped to give the whole salon a modern, luxurious and welcoming feel.

So, what took me to Lemons on a rainy Friday evening? Well, recently my mam has been raving about their Salt Treatment. Usually €35 for 60 minutes, she took advantage of their October special offer of three 45 minute sessions for €39. She loved the treatment so much that she bought a second set of three and, when she heard that Lemons were offering 45 minutes as part of their Fiver Friday deals, she signed me up straight away so I could try it too!

The staging is simple with Salt Treatment. You enter a darkened room with twinkly lights on the ceiling and salt strewn on the floor, settle yourself in one of six recliners with a fluffy blanket, pop your feet up and close your eyes. That’s it. There is no rubbing, man-handling, chitchat or pain. It’s the least invasive beauty treatment I have ever had and one of the most beneficial.

To put it simply, finely milled salt is blown out of a vent in the wall. You don’t feel it or see it rather, you inhale it as you catnap in your recliner. The benefits are endless and it can be used as a treatment for relief from respiratory problems, sinus issues and skin ailments like eczema (This is what I wanted relief from!) and psoriasis.

Despite being someone who is physically incapable of napping, I found that I dozed off during my 45 minutes in the salt room. It was that lovely state between being asleep and awake. I was aware of everything around me but, I couldn’t open my eyes if that makes sense!

The time passed quickly (Too quickly!) and I was so relaxed when the therapist came back into the room. One thing I did notice though was that I was seriously thirsty for the whole night afterwards! Also, I would recommend covering any cuts or scrapes as I had one at the edge of my nose and it stung so badly afterwards. The upside, though, is that it healed completely overnight!

I slept like a baby on Friday night and woke up bright and early on Saturday morning full of energy and, for once, not remotely tired!

I couldn’t recommend Lemons or the Salt Treatment enough to anyone who just wants to relax and unwind for 45 minutes. The 3 sessions for €39 deal is on until the end of October and can be used after the month ends so, I think I will be taking advantage of that deal!

You can book online at or call on (01)8337907!

Images from and Lemons Facebook


  1. That's so interesting, I have to try it!

  2. Oh wow that looks deadly! May investigate further :)

  3. Definitely worth a look ladies, amazing for the oul wellbeing!

  4. That's ingenious, I remember someone recommending it to me for my little lad when he was diagnosed with respiratory problems - definitely something I'll have to look into down this end of the country, looks so peaceful!!

  5. Erm..are you nudie?? Genuine question, as I have eczema and was wondering how it helps it!! Thanks!

  6. Haha no! It's all to do with inhaling it, it works from the inside out!

  7. Halotherapy is really wonderful, especially for respiratory issues. So this would be a brilliant treatment during the cough and cold season. Thanks for the great review Sinead!

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