October 06, 2011

Review: Softsole Exfoliating Foot Peel

Now, now, before you go and throw up your Cornflakes at the thought of what I'm reviewing today, take a deep breath and relax. There will be no graphic pictures to illustrate the Softsole process and I will provide all details on a need-to-know basis while still giving a comprehensive review of the product!

Softsole is a two-week foot treatment that claims to target hard, rough and scaly skin and leaves feet silky smooth. Whether it is clomping around in high heels or shuffling around in Ugg boots, we ladies put our feet through the wars and we easily fall victim to hard and cracked skin.

So, as gross as it is to acknowledge my battered feet (Both Dee and I HATE feet so, even writing this post is shudder-inducing!), I was delighted to be given the chance to tend to them, especially coming into the winter when they will be frequently tucked away and easily forgotten about.

The process is quite simple, if a touch finicky. Once you complete a successful patch test 48 hours before use, you can take the product-filled foot wraps and pop them onto clean, dry feet, being sure to remove all nail polish, jewellery etc beforehand. The size of the wraps can be secured and adjusted to fit snugly around your feet by using the provided super-strength adhesive tape.

You then cover the wraps with the protective socks, which are rather reminiscent of DVT/plane socks, to aid the even distribution of the product around your foot and to also catch any escapee gel. The gel includes ingredients such as Salicylic Acid, Castor Oil, Glycolic Acid, Lemon Extract & Vitamin E to encourage the skin to peel and shed and to aid the break down of Desmosomes in between the hard dead skin layers.

In the Box: Socks, Wraps, Moisturiser and Patch Test

Softsole recommends that you stay put  for two hours once the wraps are in place but, let's be real here, there are only so many episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project a gal can watch before feeling the need to mooch off elsewhere! So, I found that you can move about the house, ever so gingerly and with caution but, if you have the luxury of popping your feet up and watching a movie for two hours then, all the better!

Post-processing, feet can be rinsed of any excess gel and the wraps can be sealed in the zip-lock bag provided in the kit and disposed of and that's it! Now, all we can do is wait...

Peeling should start withing 3-7 days but, I found that there was some slight peeling within 24 hours. This escalated rather dramatically to the point where (Warning! Graphic Imagery Ahead!) I would remove my socks/tights after a day at work and large areas of dead skin were peeling off. This was strangely satisfying and, while you aren't meant to peel or pull the flaking skin, it's near impossible not to!

Two weeks is the estimated time that the Softsole process will take but, by my reckoning, this is airing on the side of caution and assuming the gel has to work on the hardest, most calloused feet in history! My whole peel process lasted about 10 days max with the worst of the shedding coming around days 5 and 6.


Results-wise, I was mucho impressed. I only seem to suffer with hard skin on my heels and the edges of my big toes so, there wasn't much for the Softsole gel to work on. Nevertheless, almost the entirety of both feet shed a full layer of skin, leaving me with extremely smooth, baby-soft tootsies!

There is an After Peel Moisturiser included for application once the peeling has finished but, I admit, using this slipped my mind for a few days but, my feet were, and are still, incredibly soft and fresh looking.

Softsole would be a brilliant at-home prep before holidays, a wedding or any other big events but, I would advise leaving plenty of time for the peeling to complete as, grossly, it can be quite messy and unsightly. In the same vein, you really need to wear socks at all times, even in bed!

If your feet are in need of a pampering, Softsole is widely available now in pharmacies across the country for €19.99 or, you can find your nearest stockist by calling 01-4507771.


  1. This sounds great - did you find the 'new' skin underneath was sore or tender? I used Pickles Ointment before which in theory does the same thing (makes the hard skin shed) but my feet were really sore for ages afterwards.

  2. Ah Sile when we used pickles it was like we were zombie with bits of skin flying off

  3. No issue with tenderness or rawness after peeling. It's pretty gradual so the new skin is ready to be exposed if you get me?!

  4. I was delighted with this at first but found the results didn't last long. For me, two weeks of having to keep my feet covered up wasn't worth the only two weeks of soft skin I ended up with. Since then, I've discovered scholl cracked heel repair cream which did the same job in 5 days of twice daily application and now I just top it up 2-3 times a week. And it was only €5.50!

  5. I really want to try this, the price tag is turning off the idea even though iv'e been completely sold on them!

  6. Very disappointed. 6 days ago since I used it and absolutely nothing happening. Feel it's a complete rip off and a waste of €20

  7. These sound so amazing, I seriously want a pack. Going through all the old posts I've missed, you girls are doing my bank balance no favours haha xxx

  8. I used this foot peel in June, did what it said in the box. Didn't last as long as I had hoped. My feet have been sooooo itchy ever since, don't know if it was associated with the product or something else, we like to hear from anyone else with similar problem. Thanks.


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