October 03, 2011

Professional Beauty 2011 Haul!

I have a massive amount of beauty swag to show off today! Yesterday myself, Karen and Mags went on a little adventure out to the Professional Beauty show in the RDS. Compared to what I am usually up to out there (exams), what was on offer yesterday was a bloody dream come true. The three of us were in beauty heaven and had a great afternoon for ourselves!

I'm going to start with nails, which will hardly surprise you. The Salon Savers stand was amazeballs - disturbing noises were made by all three of us upon seeing what was for sale there! Prices were great, so, me being me, I took full advantage. I got a top and bottom coat - Essie Good to Go and Orly Bonder (which I have lusted after for over a year!)

Having just used these for the first time this evening, I'm already really impressed and feel like they will definitely help my nail polish go the extra mile.

I also picked up two gorgeous shades - Essie Peach Daiquiri and Orly Oh Cabana Boy. Super excited about both of these, as I've fallen in love with Essie of late, and have never owned an Orly polish before!

Next, I went pretty crazy for an offer that this beauty show is notorious for - 5 Bourjois items for €10! How could I say no?

Bourjois Sweet Kiss lipstick in #56 Rouge sur mesure

Intense extrait eyeshadow 08 & 09

1 Seconde Nail Polish #13

Anti-Wrinkle Concealer in #81 Beige Clair

One item that I was keeping an eye out for was a nail wheel. They are definitely cheaper on eBay, but I grabbed a couple for myself and Sinéad, for the good of the blog! Swatching polishes on these should be fun!

 Another great offer that I came across (I am a fantastic self-enabler) were these eyelashes, that were €12 for three pairs. If you look closely you'll see that I actually got four pairs. Love them and can't wait to use them - hopefully they'll keep me going for a while!

Finally, what I was really looking forward to was the Crown Brush stand. Prices were excellent, starting at €3. I got, ehh, seven brushes and their brush cleaner. I'm so excited to try these out, it's kind of sad. Oh well!

Like my haulage? Congrats if you have actually read this far!


  1. Ah sure it was only brilliant...

  2. Nice haul! Oh Cabana Boy is one of my favourite polishes eva

  3. Ahh so glad you mentioned Crown. After reading you 5 favourite make up brushes post, I went looking for the Sigma F80, just to check out the price. I found it on, BUT they also do Crown brushes, and they are SO affordable, especially for my tiny budget these days. I've heard stuff about them in the past, from IMATS earlier this year, so I think I'm definitely going to have to give them a go - yay yay yay.

    Steph xxx


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