October 04, 2011

Primark Cotton Wool: A Pile of Fluff

I know, I know. This is such a stupid post but, every time I remove my eye make-up or try to do my nails, I get so ticked off and frustrated and, well, today was one time too many so, I'm ranting here!

Primark-brand cotton wool, found in Penneys in Ireland, is an absolute bleedin' disaster.

Both the cotton rounds and the cotton balls separate once dampened providing no soakage or traction to the eye or nail, making it near impossible to successfully remove anything. Hello panda eyes...

What's worse is that the separated fluff attaches to everything. Have you ever tried to remove strings of cotton wool from your eyeball? It's disgusting and painful.

If you try to tidy up a manicure, the fluff will attach to your still-damp nail polish and turn it into an unholy mess.

My advice? Shell out the extra few quid and get a decent brand name that won't blind you, make you look like your lashes have cobwebs or make your freshly painted nails look like candyfloss.


  1. Oh my god, I was going to do a similar post I bought the cotton pads as they were next to the till and I'd ran out of my usual ones! Well, what a bloody waste of a pound! xxx

  2. They're crap. DESTROYED a manicure the other day, tried to dab a little bit of polish remover onto my finger and the effing cotton ball surgically attached itself to about 3 of my nails at the same time, even when I cleaned them with remover (after cursing muchly) there were little bits of fluff still on my nails. Do not like!

  3. Lidl do a big pack(150 I think) of cotton wool pads which are really excellent, dont fall apart and cost 78 cent I think!Really recommend!

  4. Wow so glad i didn't buy these now!:) Could have been a disaster.. x

  5. Lol spot on review. I had also ran out of my usual cotton pads, spied these next to the till, thought oh great I'll give these a try....worst decision ever. I too have suffered from attempting to remove cotton wool strands from my eyes and successfully ruined a manicure! Disaster x

  6. I totally agree with this post! I thought I was on to a proper bargain and then I used unhappy face said it all!! :( xx


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