October 31, 2011

Nip + Fab: Perfectly Primed (But, Not What It Says On The Tin)

Nip + Fab seem to market themselves as the ultimate “Jim’ll Fix It” brand. Almost every product in the range has “Fix” in the name and, in my mind, this is something we should all take with a grain of salt. 

When I set about trialling these products, I didn't expect them to plump my frown lines into oblivion or magically zap any under eye darkness. That’s just not realistic. However, I did give them a good bash to see what they do do (Giggles!) as opposed to what they claim to do and the results were a pleasant surprise.

Dark Circle Fix (€23 for 15ml) is a 3-in-1 formula that claims to reduce puffiness, tighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles all while fighting the ageing process. Well, newsflash, we’re constantly ageing and there ain’t no cream on the face of this planet that can trump evolution as far as I'm concerned.

That being said, Dark Circle Fix is one hell of an eye primer. It drastically softens and hydrates the sensitive eye skin so, that’s one claim proven but, it also makes the smoothest and most workable canvas of the eye area. However, it’s worth noting that this does take a while to soak in fully and you really can’t apply eye make-up over it until it’s fully dry.

In terms of whether it lives up to its specific claims, I can’t honestly say. Maybe over a prolonged period of use, the red algae would reduce dark circles and the tetra peptide would cull the appearance of puffiness but, over the almost three weeks I’ve been trialling this on twice daily basis, I haven’t seen any improvement or change in that respect.

Frown Fix (4ml) claims that “wrinkles and expression lines will be no more with this revolutionary instant line filler.” The “no more” part is a bit of a stretch without a doubt. This definitely fills in any lines you have and makes them less noticeable but, doesn’t vanish them entirely. Again though, it makes a gorgeous make-up base. I'm not sure what ingredient it is but, both of these products create a gorgeous surface to work on. This dries a lot quicker than the Dark Circle Fix and it works well to fill and conceal the pores around my nose and chin making my foundation look fairly flawless. Similarly, make-up seems to glide over any of my eye crinkles as opposed to wedging itself in them.

I'm not too pushed on the brush applicator to be honest. I know it’s designed to go in your handbag but; (a) No one is going to apply this over make-up while out and about so there’s no point in bringing it with you and, (b) I don’t think it’s all that hygienic. However, they are just personal woes and not ones that would bother everyone! Once again, maybe prolonged, dedicated use would see Frown Fix fix frowns but, once I wash my make-up up off, this goes with it and all of my laughter lines are back as they were.

While the Nip + Fab brand claims to fix all your skin and body woes, as in improve/reduce/eradicate them, I would suggest that “fix” is best used here in the context of fixing something into place, like a glue as opposed to a cure. And, I’m honestly okay with this variation in meaning.

As a beauty blogger who is exposed to all kinds of claims and trials all kinds of products, I have come to realise that no product will make you perfect, prevent ageing or remove wrinkles. No, with beauty, deception is the name of the game and Smoke and Mirrors are the players. We work to conceal flaws and highlight assets while taking the best possible care of what God gave us to help naturally enhance ourselves. If a product works as cosmetic Polyfilla and fills in laughter lines I’m happy with that but, I can’t stand behind claims that it will make those lines vanish entirely as I haven't experience that result. I wouldn’t be honest to you, or to myself, if I did. 

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