October 19, 2011

Leighton Denny Babydoll

This creamy baby pink with yellow undertones definitely isn't my usual choice of nail polish but, I do like it when I look down at my hands. That being said I made, to put it bluntly, an absolute balls of it when putting it on. 

The formula is something I'm not accustomed to; creamy, thick and very pigmented. You have to be sure to get the right amount on the brush the first time round otherwise going back with seconds and thirds makes the nail a streaky mess. This was my third try at getting the nail polish to look somewhat presentable and it's still not perfect. Any suggestions for working with polishes like this?


  1. Gorgeous colour!

    I find with Leighton Denny you can't overload the brush, 3 confident strokes should do it (insert that's what she said joke here) xx

  2. This is a gorgeous colour! :)
    Lucy x


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