October 16, 2011

Haul: Sally Hansen, W7 and Nail Gems

This weekend I went to visit my boyfriend Kevin down in Carlow where he goes to college. It was a very quiet, relaxing weekend and, I admit, not a scrap of make-up touched my skin since Friday morning! Sometimes it's nice not to have to worry about how you look and let your skin recover a wee bit!

However, while I wasn't wearing make-up, it still wasn't far from my mind and I had minor palpitations when I discovered a little cosmetics store tucked away on one of Carlow's winding streets!

The Foundation on Tullow Street stocks a variety of brands including Calvin Klein (I had no idea there was a full cosmetics line!), Sally Hansen, Maybelline, Rimmel, W7 and Hairspray. With some brands, like Rimmel and Maybelline, it seemed as though they were lines brought in from eastern Europe and, thus, not products we have access to here!

Here's what I picked up;

The two silver handled brushes are Sally Hansen La Cross Premier ones. I never knew Sally Hansen did make-up brushes and these two, a blush brush and a fluffy eye brush, are gorgeous and soft. I've included a picture of the packaging if you want to keep an eye out for the line! The blush brush was €4.99 and the eye brush was €2.99. I also picked up a W7 fan brush for brushing away fallout from my face and this was also €2.99.

Nail polish-wise I had to be restrained. They literally had hundreds of W7 polishes but, I just picked two glitters. The bottles are very OPI-inspired and feel more expensive than their €2.99 price tag would have you believe. The royal blue glitter is called Blue Dazzle and Purple Dazzle is the Cadbury's purple shade.

In a bargain basket where everything was €2.99, I found these Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polishes. You can't actually get these in Ireland but, I have seen them raved about on YouTube by people in the USA so, I thought they were worth a shot. I chose In the Navy, Crushed (more pinky coral than the picture would have you believe!) and Black Out.

Finally, I just picked up this nail gem wheel for €2.99. Not exactly something I will use a lot but, it will be handy to have for whenever the time strikes me to properly bling out my nails!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 


  1. I love finding little shops like that, love all the stuff you got!

  2. Oh lovely little items to find! Love when that happens!

  3. The past two times my Grandma has payed a visit (she lives in England) she has brought me over the Sally Hansen blush brush, and I'm happy I have two! I love it for blush application

  4. I have 2 eye brushes from W7 and they are great. I got them up in Donegal. Can you get W7 in Dublin??

  5. I am SO jealous! Such good prices

  6. you are so lucky, i was expecting you to say the brushes would be waaay more expensive :P im jealous of this haul :) x

  7. I have been searching for w7 for ages!! does anyone know somewhere that sells it in kildare/dublin??!!!

  8. I've got that blue polish, it's faaabbbb over black!!! Haha I never knew that Calvin Klein did cosmetics until I came across it on a website, don't want to spam here but will let yiz know on d'twitter machine :)


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