October 23, 2011

Tutorial: Grey Smokey Eye

This week's tutorial is a traditional grey smokey eye. Doing a smokey eye, regardless of colours used, is easy once you remember to blend, blend, blend. Blending takes time, patience and practice but, once you master the art it will transform any smokey eye and you'll look like you've just spent the afternoon having your make-up done by a trained professional!

Most people, myself included, are quite scared of dark grey and black eyeshadow because it is so easy to go wrong with them and make a mess. However, if you want to go all dark and smokey for a night out, take the time to start your make-up early in the day and be meticulous with it for a flawless effect.

Taking a dark coloured cream base (MAC Paint Pot in Blackground), cover the outer two-thirds of your lid, right up to the crease. Leave the inner third bare.

Taking a dark blue-grey eyeshadow (MAC Knight Divine) on a flat shader brush (MAC 242), cover the dark base, making sure not to get any on the bare inner corner. We want this to be as bright and as clean as possible. Blend the edges of the shadow with a fluffy blending brush (MAC 224) so that it fades gradually into your skin.

Flip your flat shader brush over to the clean side and pick up some bright silver eyeshadow (MAC Electra). Pack this colour on as densely as possible onto the clean inner corner of your eye, sweeping it just slightly over the dark grey to remove any harsh lines. Don't worry about any fallout, you can clean this up afterwards! Blend the edges once again, including where the two shadows overlap on the lid.

Once you have blended the two shadows so that a clear, clean gradient has formed from the light inner corner to the dark outer corner, take a matte dark grey eyeshadow (MAC Print) and buff it into the crease with a tapered blending brush (MAC 226). As always, blend this out!

Finally, take a small amount of matte black (MAC Carbon) on the same tapered crease brush and darken the outer corner of your eye just slightly to add further dimension to the gradient. Blend again. Fill in your brows and highlight your brow bone using a matte cream shade (MAC Mylar). Highlight the inner corner of your eye using a bright, matte white (MAC Gesso) to keep your eyes looking awake. Finish with a few coats of your favourite mascara (Benefit They're Real!)

The following steps are optional but, I lined my lower lashline with all the colours I used on my lid, mirroring the gradient effect. I then blended these together to complete the soft smokey look. I lined my lid, creating a thick black wing (Sleek Ink Pot in Dominatrix) and lined my waterline (MAC Eye Kohl in Smoulder). 

Hope you like!

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